MONSTRA Festival

Time keeping puppets

Time keeping puppets
A journey into the world of Portuguese animation puppets

One hundred years ago the first known Portuguese animated film was released: “O Pesadelo de António Maria” (1923), by Joaquim Guerreiro. Under the sign of this centenary, the 16th MONSTRA exhibition at the Puppet Museum proposes a journey through the history and the stories of Portuguese animation cinema.

From the present and near future, pieces from very recent films are shown: the still unseen film by Joana Imaginário, “The Time Keeping House”, with world premiere scheduled for this year’s edition of MONSTRA, and “The Pink Jacket”, by Mónica Santos, in competition at the festival. Both films have very particular characteristics: all the puppets of the first one were made in paper, and all the characters of the second one are, well… jackets. In the exhibition you can also see puppets, sets and accessories from other Portuguese animation films, directed by José Miguel Ribeiro, Bruno Caetano or Vítor Hugo. 

From 24 February to 23 April 2023, the Puppet Museum will thus be the home that keeps the time of the past, present and future of stop motion animation made in Portugal.


Tickets: 3 € (MONSTRA’s temporary exhibition) or 5 € (temporary and permanent exhibitions)
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