MONSTRA Festival

Exhibition MM – Three Families

Three Families inhabit the temporary exhibition at the Puppet Museum.

This is the 17th exhibition resulting from the partnership with MONSTRA | Lisbon Animation Festival.

This time, a collective exhibition brings together original pieces from three films about three very distinct families from three different European countries.

Alain Ughetto’s film, No Dogs or Italians Allowed, is based on a true story and introduces us to the universe of an Italian family persecuted during World War II.

Also on display are the behind-the-scenes of Lea Vidakovic’s remarkable film, The Family Portrait, which has won numerous awards at film festivals. The Croatian director provides a simultaneously poetic, dark, and humorous analysis of the secrets of an aristocratic family before World War I.

And a third family of… rats! With Each Passing Day… is a film by one of the most talented Portuguese animators who has been working at Aardman Studios for several years, Emanuel Nevado.

Between February 16th and April 7th, we will journey through the behind-the-scenes of animated films, see the original puppets and sets, and also witness the meticulous work of creating miniature worlds that become works of art on screen.

Tickets available here.

And at the museum’s box office.

Curated by: Fernando Galrito.