MONSTRA Festival


Our Team

Artistic Direction and Programming | Fernando Galrito
Financial Office and Programming | Miguel Pires de Matos
Production and Financial Manager | Susana Realista
Production and Programming Manager | Rui Pereira
Films Coordination | Miguel Couto
Communication & Press Office | Laila Nuñez
Graphic Design | Vasco Casula
Website | Bruno Gomes

Ilustration and Spot 
MONSTRA: Koji Yamamura
MONSTRINHA: Maya Yonesho

Feature Film Competition | Fernando Galrito
Short Film Competition | Otto Alder, Fernando Galrito, Miguel Pires de Matos
Student Short Film Competition | Pedro Brito, Radostina Neykova, Fernando Galrito
Super Short Film Competition | Liliana Vaz, Miguel Couto, Rui Pereira
Portuguese Competition | Fernando Galrito, Miguel Pires de Matos
MONSTRINHA | Fernando Galrito, Susana Realista, Tiago Galrito