MONSTRA Festival


Our Team

Artistic Direction and Programming | Fernando Galrito
Finance Director and Program | Miguel Pires de Matos
Production and Office Manager | Susana Realista
Production Manager and General Coordinator | Gabriela Frade
Production | Inês Barroso, Rita Campiã
Monstrinha| Margot Silva
Films Coordination | Bruno Alves, Miguel Couto
Audiovisual Managers | João Champlon, Luís Noutel
Translators | Alexandre Batista, Cláudia Pinto, Sónia Antunes
Communication and Press Office | this is ground control
Design | Vasco Casula
Site | Bruno Gomes
Guest Office | Emanuela Chinelli
Illustration | Tomm Moore


Feature Film Competition | Fernando Galrito
Short Film Competition   | Fernando Galrito, Miguel Pires de Matos, Sandra Ramos
Student Film Competition   |  Fernando Galrito, Paulo Simões, Radostina Neykova
Super Short Film Competition   | Bruno Alves, Rui Pereira
Portuguese Competition   | Fernando Galrito, Miguel Pires de Matos
MONSTRINHA | Fernando Galrito, Susana Realista, Tiago Galrito
Perspectives Competition and Thematic Programs | Miguel Pires de Matos
Guest Country Retrospetive | Luís Salvado, Fernando Galrito, Miguel Pires de Matos