The 21st edition of MONSTRA 2022 begins in the best way with the national preview of the film ????? (???? ?????????? ?? ????/??? ?????? ??? ???????? ????????) directed by the highly regarded Mamoru Hosoda, according to which this It’s the movie I’ve always wanted to make. Don’t miss it today at 7.30 p.m., at Cinema São Jorge.

Also, with the world premiere at MONSTRA 2022, Flee, the latest film by the Danish artist Jonas Rasmussen, marks the start of DokAnim on Thursday, March 17, at 8:00 pm, at Cinema City Alvalade. The film, which only arrives in national cinemas officially in April, enters the history of Animation Cinema with three nominations at the 2022 Oscars: Best Animated Film, Best Documentary and Best International Film.

In an absolute world premiere, MONSTRA 2022 exhibits To Put It Mildly by the Bulgarian artist Anri Koulev, one of the guests of the MONSTRA special program dedicated to Bulgaria. Anri Koulev is a director, artist, animator, screenwriter, producer, set designer, cartoonist, and the author of more than 70 animated films, documentaries, feature films and operas. His works have won awards at numerous international film festivals, such as those in Annecy, Ottawa, Oberhausen, Krakow, New York, Chicago, Bratislava, Moscow, and Varna, among others.

National premieres of international films don’t end here! The latest short film directed by the award-winning Italian director Mauro Carraro, Baroudeur premieres in Perspetivas. This film is part of a set of short films that associate images – drawn or sculpted – with new digital images, such as 3D, a technique for which the director is known.

Competing for the SPA/Vasco Granja and Best Short Film Awards, MONSTRA 2022 will premiere Melting, by directors Susana Miguel António and Filipa Gomes da Costa and The Garbage Man, the latest short film by Laura Gonçalves, produced by BAP, one of the most promising studios of the new generation of Portuguese animators. This year, BAP celebrates its 10th anniversary with the presentation of 10 masterpieces of Portuguese, European and world animation, awarded at festivals around the world, in the exhibition DESENHOS DE ANIMAÇÃO da MONSTRA 2022, on display at the National Society of Fine Arts until March 26th.

In a national debut and competing for the SPA/Vasco Granja award will also be Tom Tom by João Levezinho.

Finally, in Competition Curtíssimas, the world premiere of Left and Right, made by the Portugueses directors Catarina Lobo, Cátia Barradas, Dinis Figueira, Filipe Quaresma, Gustavo Caetano, Mariana Soares, Max Oliveira, Pedro Dâmaso, Sebastião Lacerda.

See complete programme here. Films for all tastes and all ages, from all corners of the world and all styles!

Accreditations available until March 22nd and tickets on sale at

Let yourself be bitten by the little MONSTRA bug and get (even) more excited, from March 16th to 27th!


  • Belle [???? ?? ???????? ?? ????/??? ?????? ??? ???????? ????????] | Mamoru Hosoda | Sessão Especial

QUA. 16 mar. | 19H30 | Cinema São Jorge

  • Flee – A fuga | Jonas Rasmussen | DokAnim

QUI. 17 mar. | 20H00 | Cinema City Alvalade

  • Dito Suavemente [To Put It Mildly] | Anri Koulev | País Convidado

SÁB. 19 mar. | 16H15 | Cinema São Jorge

  • Baroudeur | Mauro Carraro | Perspetivas

SÁB. 19 mar. | 17H00 | Cinema São Jorge

  • Degelo [Melting] | Susana Miguel António e Filipa Gomes da Costa | SPA / Vasco Granja | Competição Curtas

QUA. 23 | 22H00 | Cinema São Jorge

SEX. 25 mar. | 22H00 | Cinema São Jorge

  • O Homem do Lixo [The Garbage Man] | Laura Gonçalves | SPA / Vasco Granja | Competição Curtas

SEX. 25 mar. | 22H00 | Cinema São Jorge

QUI. 24 | 22H00 | Cinema São Jorge

  • Tom Tom | João Levezinho | SPA / Vasco Granja

SEX. 25 mar. | 22H00 | Cinema São Jorge

  • Esquerda e Direita [Left and Right] | Catarina Lobo, Cátia Barradas, Dinis Figueira, Filipe Quaresma, Gustavo Caetano, Mariana Soares, Max Oliveira, Pedro Dâmaso, Sebastião Lacerda | Competição Curtíssimas

SÁB. 26 mar. | 19H00 | Cinema São Jorge