Japanese animated cinema and ramen: is there a more perfect combination?

In the warm-up for the 22nd edition of Lisbon’s best Animation Film Festival, MONSTRA has teamed up with Cerveja Musa to hold four screenings that combine the best of Japanese animation and a very special menu.

The “Send Noods” sessions kicked off in November and take place on the penultimate Wednesdays of every month — still to be discovered on December 21, January 18 and February 15 — at Musa de Marvila, with unmissable film and gastronomic curatorship curations. Dinner starts to be served at 7pm, and the screening is scheduled for 9:30pm.

Entrance is free, but table reservations are recommended by emailing alice@cervejamusa.com.

Full programme – December 21:

Short films produced at Tokyo University of Arts. Curated by Koji Yamamura in 2018. Approximate total duration of 60 minutes.

“In a pig’s eye” (2010), by Atsushi Wada, 10′.
“A Gum Boy” (2010), by Masaki Okuda, 4′.
“Recruit Rhapsody” (2012), by Mayo Yoshida, 7′.
“It’s time for supper” (2013), by Saki Muramoto, 8′.
“Kicking Rocks” (2013), by Yutaro Kubo, 5′.
“My Milk Cup Cow” (2014), by Yantong Zhu, 11′.
“See ya Mr. Banno!” (2014), by Yoko Yuki, 4′.
“Fox Fears” (2015), by Miyo Sato, 8′.
“Radio Wave” (2016), by Ryotaro Miyajima, 3′.

Full programme – January 18:

Short films produced at Tama Art University. Curated by Tatsutoshi Gon Nomura. Approximate total duration 69 minutes.

“The Death of Fluffy” (2018), by Yuki Mizuma, 6′.
“Reikyugyoʼs lullaby” (2018), by Shinya Hashizume, 6′.
“Lemolemo” (2019), by Asami Tatsumoto, 2′.
“Memory of blue” (2019), by Akane Hirai, Ryosuke Yanagida and Mai Yamaguchi, 7′.
“Piece of April” (2019), by Xiaolin Zhou, 4′.
“mubi” (2020), by Tomoe Obayashi, 6′.
“People at 3:00p.m.” (2020), by Yuwei Wang, 3′.
“Follow” (2020), by Lihong Zhang, 6′.
“The Balloon Catcher” (2020), by Isaku Kaneko, 6′.
“About you” (2021), by Seo Yeon Choi, 4′.
“Le Retour” (2021), by Nao Tsukahara, 5′.
“In full bloom” (2021), by Miho Takahashi, 4′.
“Yomoyama short stories” (2022), by Fuka Katayama, 4′.
“Gu” (2022), by Yiling Wang, 5′.
“Lovesome” (2022), by Rina Tsukamoto, 3′.

Full programme – February 15:

Short films produced at Tokyo University of Arts. Curated by Koji Yamamura in 2022. Approximate total duration 69 minutes.

“A Gum Boy” (2010), by Okuda Masaki, 4′.
“My Milk Cup Cow” (2014), by Zhu Yantong, 11′.
“Fox Fears” (2015), by Sato Miyo, 8′.
“RADIO WAVE” (2016), by Miwajima Ryotaro, 3′.
“Grandma’s Matchbox” (2018), by Sakurada Ayana, 6′.
“BathHouse of Whales” (2019), by Kiyamamamizuki, 7′.
“Pickle Plum Parade” (2019), by Sasaki Eri, 4′.
“Boozy Woozy Wonderland” (2019), by Okada Shiika, 2′.
“Summer Sky Reverie” (2019), by Kawakami Yoshiro, 4′.
“So I picked up the worm” (2020), by Li Shuqin, 4′.
“The Big Tree in Front of the House” (2020), by Liu Yinan, 6′.
“The House of Loss” (2022), by Jeon Jinkyu, 10′.