It’s that time of year when we all want to enjoy the joy and warmth of the streets. So, throughout the summer, MONSTRA will also be on the loose at Casa da Cerca, in Almada, with family workshops and open air cinema sessions!

Starting this Saturday, June 17, at 10 pm, we will bring outdoors a selection of 7 short films distinguished in MONSTRA 2023 – including the most awarded film of the last edition, which took five trophies home: Annie winner and Oscar nominated “Ice Merchants”, by João Gonzalez.


Love, Dad, Diana Cam Van Nguyen, CZ, 2021, 12’
The Beating Seed, Alice Carmo, Laura Pires, Marta Ribeiro, Tiago Pimenta, PT, 2022, 5’
Loquats Poem, Leonor Silva, PT, 2022, 3’
Letter to a Pig, Tal Kantor, FR / IL, 2022, 17’
M2, Ana Martin, Bela Tagliabue, Paola Bellato, AR, 2021, 2’
Dog-Apartment, Priit Tender, EE, 2022, 14’
Ice Merchants, João Gonzalez, PT, 2022, 14’

Save the date for the next meetings:

July 17, 3 pm – Workshop for families: The essence of illusion – workshop on moving image through optical games, with Fernando Galrito and Tiago Galrito;
July 22, at 9:30 pm – Open-air session – MONSTRA 2023 Award Winners (2);
September 5 to 8 – Animation Training for Teachers: Animation as a teaching tool, with Joana Imaginário and Francisco Lança.