MONSTRA brings together the best of the best of the world’s animated film production and, this year, we present a selection from the southern to the northern hemisphere and starts already tomorrow!

We’ll show the latest film by Brazilian director César Cabral, Bob Spit, a stop-motion animation that mixes documentary, comedy, and road-movie. The film tells the story of Bob Spit, a comic book character who lives in a post-apocalyptic desert inside the mind of his creator, the legendary Brazilian cartoonist Angeli. When Angeli decides to kill off Bob, the old punk leaves this wasteland and faces his creator.

Coming from Japan for MONSTRA 2022, Dozens of Norths is Koji Yamamura’s latest film. Almost a haiku, if it weren’t for a few more words, the synopsis of this film couldn’t be less traditional:

Here, all is North.

This is a record of the people I met in the North.

However, my memory is fragmented and does not get to the point at all.

The Czech filmmaker duo Denisa Grimmová & Jan Bubeníček presents Even Mice Go to Heaven, based on a novel by Czech writer Iva Procházková. Following an unfortunate accident, the film tells the story of an impish mouse and a shy fox cub who find themselves, unexpectedly, in animal heaven. In this strange environment, the duo will have to put aside their instincts and work together, as only then will they succeed in their journey through this new world.

From Eastern Europe comes another film, this time from Poland. Winner of the Polish Film Festival Grand Prix in Gdynia, Kill It and Leave This Town is the latest film by Polish director, painter, cartoonist, set designer and performer Mariusz Wilczyński, and the story couldn’t be more moving. Fleeing from despair after losing those dearest to him, the hero hides in the safe land of memories, where time stands still and all those dear to him are alive. Over the years, a city grows in his imagination.

Given the current social and political context in Afghanistan, My Sunny Maad by director Michaela Pavlátová could not be more relevant to reflect on these times. When Herra, a Czech woman, falls in love with Nazir, an Afghan man, she has no idea about the life that awaits in post-Taliban Afghanistan, nor about the family she is about to join.

The fourth feature film, The Ape Star, by South Korean director Linda Hambäck promises to surprise everyone who was in the cinema. That’s because when feisty young Jonna sees her potential new mom arriving at the orphanage in her old car, she’s shocked when the door opens… and a gorilla steps out!

Last but not least, MONSTRA 2022 screens the French film The Crossing directed by Florence Miailhe. This film will fill us with hope with the story of a family forced to flee after their small village is looted in the dark. The two oldest children, Kyona and Adriel are quickly separated from their parents facing the road of exile alone. They embark on a heroic journey which takes them from childhood to adolescence in search of shelter, peace, and the hope of finding refuge and their family.

We promise that these 7 Feature Films in Competition at MONSTRA 2022 are the best-animated films to come out in the last year!

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  • Bob Spit | César Cabral

24 mar. | 20H00 | Cinema São Jorge

  • Dozens of Norths | Koji Yamamura

25 mar. | 19H00 | Cinema São Jorge

  • Even Mice Go to Heaven | Denisa Grimmová & Jan Bubeníček

26 mar. | 14H30 | Cinema São Jorge

  • Kill It and Leave This Town | Mariusz Wilczyński

22 mar. | 20H00 | Cinema São Jorge

  • My Sunny Maad | Michaela Pavlátová

21 mar. | 20H00 | Cinema São Jorge

  • The Ape Star | Linda Hambäck

26 mar. | 11H00 | Cinema São Jorge

  • The Crossing | Florence Miailhe

23 mar. | 20H00 | Cinema São Jorge