Workshops for those over 18 and for the whole family, Presentations, Masterclasses, Talks, Round Tables & Panels, and a Summit are MONSTRA 2022’s proposals to open doors and reveal secrets to those who are interested and dare to enter the adventure of animated cinema.

For the older ones, we present two workshops: the first, Animated Documentary: experiments as an animator and subject, on March 21st, 22nd and 23rd, with the Brazilian director Camila Kater accompanied by the online assistance of Samuel Mariani; and the second, Animação Stop Motion de Arte Urbana, on the 24th and 25th of March, with Coke Rioboo Cortes, an award-winning Spanish screenwriter, director and artistic creator.

On March 19th, 20th and 26th, three WORKSHOPS will liven up the weekends with your family! The activities will be the creation of optical toys and animated shadows with the Brazilian Wilson Lazaretti; the storytelling from old photographs with Bulgarian director Radostina Neykova; and pixilation with the architect Pedro Ramalho and Tiago Galrito. To give away or hang on the walls at home the works developed, and the days spent in the workshop will be forever in the history of the families that participate!

The directors Radostina Neykova, Kolja Saksida, Anri Koulev, Michaela Pavlátová, Raimund Krumme and Denisa Bubeníčková Abrhámová & Jan Bubeníček will be at Cinema São Jorge, between the 18th and 25th of March, to give masterclasses about the creative processes involved in their animated films on display at the festival. An unmissable opportunity to meet the filmmakers and discover with them what is hidden behind the screen!

On March 19th, MONSTRA will host, at Cinema São Jorge, the ENCONTRÃO – Meeting of Workshops and Trainers in Animation Film, a presentation targeted at professionals in the industry. The Meeting aims to offer a platform for conversation, discussion and exchange of ideas for all those who work in cinema. In addition to ENCONTRÃO, MONSTRA 2022 has three more presentations: Freeze Frame – Presentation of this Collection of 20 Prints by International Animators, on March 19th; Regina Pessoa Optical Toy Box & Little Animator’s Manual, on March 20th; and Jurgen Hagler Presents/Presents Ars Electronica, presentation in English, on March 24th.

In this 21st edition, the already known TALKS at Cinema São Jorge are in the hands of the Brazilian director Camila Kater, who will speak to us about the Animated Documentary genre, of the Portuguese André Carrilho, Cristina Sampaio and Tiago Albuquerque, creators of SPAM CARTOON, comic animations that cover the most varied themes, from politics to stars, and, finally, in the hands of Elsa Cerqueira, who will explore the possibilities of meeting philosophy and cinema for children, based on the film O Sapateiro, by Vasco Sá and David Doutel.

Once again, MONSTRA 2022 has the ROUND TABLE & PANEL at Cinema São Jorge, an important and indispensable moment of conversation and reflection on the different situations in which animation film production currently finds itself in Portugal. On March 23rd, there is talk about the teaching of animation in Portuguese colleges and, on March 25th, there is a panel for Portuguese projects in production.

Finally, the 21st edition of the festival presents the long-awaited SUMMIT MONSTRA 2022 on March 22 at 10:00 am at Cinema São Jorge! The issue of The Future of Movie Theaters, increasingly worrying for the cinematographic sector, will be the subject of discussion during the three hours of SUMMIT. It is only possible to save the collective experience of the movie theater from extinction and oblivion if we come together to discuss and present solutions.

We are waiting for you to join us at the movie theaters not only to see films but also to exchange ideas, knowledge and so much more!

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