It is a known fact that the seventh art was already born breaking and crossing barriers. The rule was always to break the rules. And this is a tradition that MONSTRA is keen on maintaining! Because of that, MONSTRA’s calendar for the next few days includes three programs that will, for sure, broaden your horizons when it comes to cinema.

Electronic Theater (by Ars Electronica): in the intersection between cinema, art, technology and society, a selection is born, composed of the most impressive and disruptive parts of computerized animation that passed by Ars Electronica’s Multimedia Arts Festival.

  • MAR 24th (Thursday) | 16:30 | Cinema São Jorge

Clipanim: can music videos be works of art? Our answer is loud and clear: for sure! This session, already a habit here at MOSTRA, is made of 18 shorts as big as a song.

  • MAR 25th (Friday) | 20:00 | Cinema São Jorge

Live performance of “Sweet Spot”: this year’s session of Perspectives on Portuguese Animation will be brightened up by Jorge Ribeiro and Paulo Patrício, taking their film-performance-music-projection-installation-animation-drawing-impromptu-work-in-progress–in-real-time (God, we need a new word for this!) to the theaters.

  • MAR 26th (Saturday) | 17:30 | Cinema São Jorge

The oncoming closing ceremony is already making us nostalgic! You can enjoy MONSTRA’s 21st edition until Sunday, the 27th of March!

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