The National Society of Fine Arts and the 21st edition of MONSTRA 2022 are pleased to receive the exhibition DESENHOS DE ANIMAÇÃO with drawings by Joanna Quinn and Anri Koulev – Koulev and BAP’s 10 best films.

The exhibition features more than a hundred original drawings from the entire work of Joanna Quinn, nominated for the second time for an Oscar for the best animated short film with Affairs of the Art, a film selected for MONSTRA 2022 Competition and 60 drawings by the well-known and important director and illustrator Anri Koulev – Koulev, who also presents, at MONSTRA, To Put It Mildly, the world premiere of his second feature film. Bearing in mind that Koulev-Koulev’s art is essentially composed of political and erotic drawings, the exhibition is divided into 3 sections: Politics | Erotic | Animation, in order to respect the content of each work.

BAP, located in Porto, is one of the most promising studios of the new generation of Portuguese animators and celebrates its 10th anniversary with the presentation of 10 masterpieces of Portuguese, European and world animation, awarded at festivals around the world.

On Thursday, March 10th, the opening starts at 6pm at SNBA, Rua Barata Salgueiro nº36.

On CINANIMA’s 45th anniversary, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the production company ANIMANOSTRA, one of the oldest animation production companies in the country, with the exhibition 30 ANOS ANIMANOSTRA with works by 11 illustrators who made films for the production company.

A courtesy of and organised by CINANIMA de Espinho festival, the exhibition features 11 of its most recent comic book illustrators and directors, among the most famous in the country, to tell ANIMANOSTRA’s story of three decades of activity than the cinematographic works developed by these authors. To them, ANIMANOSTRA would like to express its most sincere thanks!

The opening takes place at Galeria Santa Maria Maior, Rua da Madalena nº147, on Thursday, March 10, at 5:30 pm.