For all of you who don’t speak Portuguese and have been noticing a lot of activity on MONSTRA’s social media lately and even the website: you deserve an explanation 🙂
As you all know by now, because of the pandemic and successive lockdowns we had  to postpone our Film Festival to the Summer.
MONSTRA will take place from 21 July to 1 August 2021, in the summer, when film theatres, galleries and are open again and also, hopefully, with a lot of opportunities to have screenings outdoors in the lovely Lisbon weather.
Meanwhile, MONSTRA has partnered with Filmin, a Video on Demand streaming platform based in Portugal (and only available in Portugal, unfortunately) to present – from March 17 – April 4 – a twofold program of short and feature films.
For three weeks we have made available on this platform a part of last edition’s program that could not be screened a year ago, such as MONSTRA’s 20th anniversary retrospectives and tributes, family programs, among others;
For a “sneak peek” of what’s coming in July we are also presenting on Filmin a Pre-Festival 2021, with some recent shorts that were submitted to this year’s competition. We wanted to give our audiences a little taste of what is to come next July, and we all deserve more animation in our lives after such a rough year.
These 82 films will be available at the streaming VoD platform until April 4th.

(MONSTRA’s children Program) MONSTRINHA is going to the schools this year, rather than school children coming to MONSTRA’s film theatre, and more than 110 public schools from the whole mainland and islands have enrolled more than 35000 schoolchildren (from pre-school  to highschool) to host MONSTRINHA sessions and watch amazing animation in their classrooms and auditoriums from April to June.
Great news, don’t you think?