MONSTRA is joining Filmin to make available several sessions of short and feature animation films, which will be available in the video on demand platform from 17 March until 4 April 2021.

The festival, happening from 21 July to 1 August 2021 in Lisbon is making available part of his 20th Anniversary Monstra from its previous 2020 edition, that because of the pandemic-related restrictions and lockdown didn’t have the chance to be screened in Lisbon cinemas.

Filmin Portugal is a VoD platform dedicated to independent cinema and is only available for audiences based in Portugal.

In this part of the program Portugal-based viewers will have the chance to watch on Filmin four sessions of shorts “20 years of MONSTRA”, with 20 of the best shorts screened througout the history of the Festival and that are also 20 of the best shorts in animation ever from all over the world.

The program includes documentary animation shorts (DokAnim) selected, as usual, by German festival Dok Leipzig; a retrospective of Award-winner Portuguese director José Miguel Ribeiro, a tribute to the Agência Portuguesa de Curta-Metragem who also celebrated in 2020, its 20th anniversary; and the feature documentary film  “Fritzi- History of a Revolution”, on the fall of the Berlin wall.

The children and family program MONSTRINHA and its memories of 20 years haven’t been forgotten and the selection will include two sessions for the whole family to watch at home until Easter.

A “sneak peak” of what MONSTRA will bring to Lisbon venues next summer of 2021, we have included three MONSTRA 2021 pre-festival sessions: one selection of the best shorts directed by professionals, another with films created by animation students, and finally a session MONSTRINHA, for children and families. All these films entered our international competitions, which have gathered more than 3000 submissions.