In 2018​,​ MONSTRINHA had a participation of 19411 children, teachers and families​ ​on the 10 days of MONSTRA Festival. ​This is an average of 1941 viewers ​per​ day.

If we add to these​ numbers​ the 9 exhibitions​ with more than 20 thousand participants​ — ​and a big part of those were children and young people​ — plus​ the ​young participants in the ​several animation workshops​ ​and masterclasses during the festival,​ ​MONSTRINHA s​ur​ely exceeds the 25 thousand spectators.

This is a number never​ before​ reached in these 18 years of festival and i​t is​ proof of the importance and openness of audiences for films and alternative aesthetics, work that we want to continue to expand our audiences even more.