MONSTRA Festival

MONSTRINHA, education through the Art of Animation

To see an animated film is to be touched, moved, educated by the images, movements and narratives that an animated film contains and transmits.

Watching an animated films session in the dark room of a cinema or auditorium is a unique experience, which refers to an individual relationship of emotion, learning and creativity between the spectator and the magic of the moving images that evolve on screen.

In MONSTRINHA’s previous edition, almost seventy thousand (70.000) children and young were been moved and educated by the Art of Animated Cinema.

MONSTRINHA is back with its films, stories, colours, joys and ideas.

Fernando Galrito | Artistic Director of MONSTRINHA

Why are we GENERATION M?

Because we want to be MORE and MERRIER!


When MONSTRA was born in 2000, MONSTRINHA was also born.

Since then, the two have been growing together and following the growth of several generations of children who, through this unique festival, have become connected to the most different, the most irreverent and the best of Multinational Animation.

This is another special program dedicated to those who, since childhood, grew up with MONSTRINHA, but who are at that age, the Middle age, the age of Mutation, capable of understanding further and, above all, able to engage in dialogue.

This is the M GENERATION program – the generation of More, of Merrier, the generation of MONSTRA, naturally!

Fernando Galrito | Artistic Director of MONSTRINHA