MONSTRA Festival


Monstra on the Loose

In 2020, MONSTRA |Lisbon Animation Festival celebrates 20 years of existence and it will happen between the 18th and the 29th of March in several places in Lisbon.

From May 2020 on, we will travel around Portugal with MONSTRA on the Loose, a small festival set to:

Present the animation cinema that is created in Portugal and around the world, by professionals but also by young students;

Show not only to children and youngsters, but also to adults, the best and the most recent animation cinema;

Unveil animation cinema as an easy access art – it doesn’t need much equipment to be created – and it can be very useful as a pedagogic support, in a logic of Education through Art;

Promote the encounter between works of art, authors, methodologies, cultures, ways of doing, creating and teaching.