Monstra Festival


MONSTRA creating little monsters... for 20 years

On the 26th of May 2000, at Teatro Taborda, the first edition of MONSTRA | Lisbon Animated Festival began.

We were commemorating the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese and this historical event made that country (and its cinematography) become MONSTRA’s first guest.

Even if starting from scratch, we still gave it our all and put together a 10-day Festival, spread across two weekends.

The foundations were those of today: to show, train, expose, experiment and create transdisciplinary art surrounding animation cinema.

Throughout these twenty years, we’ve paid tribute to more than twenty countries, considering the year in which we had as guest former Yugoslavia, thus honoring five countries in one edition solely.

We showed the best of worldwide animation, made national and international partnerships, organized exhibitions with the best original artworks and united animation cinema with plastic arts, music, performance, architecture, design, illustration, augmented and virtual reality, among others. We introduced and trained thousands of children, youngsters, teachers and professionals in the art of animation.

In the past 20 years, we’ve presented over 15 thousand films of more than 20 thousand directors, from all over the world. We’ve organized countless workshops in many countries. We’ve been to more than three hundred portuguese cities and villages and to over 150 cities on all 5 continents.

We put together film sessions, trained and “shook” over one million spectators; more than half of them were children and youngsters in Portugal and the World.

It’s a journey that now reaches its 20 years of existence. We kept our initial goals and will always remember: Art is one of the most robust ways of transforming the world in a better, more beautiful, balanced, multicultural and more human place.


Fernando Galrito | Diretor Artístico da MONSTRA

Official MONSTRA 2020 trailer