This year, MONSTRA | Lisbon Animated Film Festival pays homage to the cinema of JPL Films with the exhibition “Vincent, Louise, Anatole e Os Outros… 20 years of JPL Films’ Animated Movies” where puppets and other techniques will be revealed.  20 films will expose their production secrets, such as accessories, decorations and storyboards!

You will also be able to watch the puppet used on the film “The Sea Cyclops”, JPL Films’ first major film production, which will be exhibited in its original setting: a lighthouse on the high seas.

There will also be a demonstration of JPL’s animating process using a small puppet, only 15 cm high, who tries to infiltrate the world of humans.

The exhibition will be accompanied by film clips, documentaries and animated tests by JPL Films! Come and visit us on march 9, at 07 pm, at the Museu da Marioneta! Admission is free!