MONSTRA Festival

Pre-Festival. “Azur & Asmar”, this saturday, at Cinemateca Júnior

It is this next saturday at 3 PM at Cinemateca Júnior that MONSTRA starts showing her colours in a truly animated pre-festival!
Gather the family and join us to watch on the big screen the exciting adventure of brothers “Azur & Asmar” (dir. Michel Ocelot) through wonder-full lands looking for even more wonderful creatures…
? Because of the venue’s limited seating, you can buy your ticket online to make sure you don’t miss it!


Michel Ocelot, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, United States,  2006, 99’

Once upon a time, two children were nursed by the same woman: Azur, the blonde, blue-eyed son of a nobleman, and dark-haired, dark-eyed Asmar, the nurse’s child. The boys grew up together like brothers, until fate separated them brutally. But Azur, haunted by his nurse’s tales of the legendary Fairy of the Djins, will not rest until he finds her.  Now grown, and now rivals, the blood brothers embark on a quest for the Fairy. They background out in search of magical lands, rich with dangers and wonders.


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