With eyes already set on the future but feet still in the present, Monstra 2020 is back in cinemas from September 29 to October 10 with the MONSTRAlive edition.

In compliance with all safety and physical distancing measures, MONSTRA was on the loose in August throughout the country, and is coming out again in October to take the public back to the theatres and the big screen.

The best animation cinema in the world demands it, and you all deserve it.

What else could you expect from a festival now celebrating 20 years? That we would not give up, that we resist, adapt, and give back – with all the courage and the best programming- to our audiences, and all the love they have given us for the past two decades.

Next October, and in several rooms around Lisbon, we will be screening world premieres, the feature film competition, retrospectives, classic animation films, and other activities for all ages.

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