MONSTRA Grand-Prix |Feature Film Competition Winners ‘19

With the ending of the 18th edition of MONSTRA, we are glad to announce Feature Film Competition Winners ‘19. We thank the judges for their hard work, as well as the audience who tagged along, who were responsible for this superb selection.


MONSTRA Grand-Prix  |The Magnificent Cake!

“This darkly tragic and ironic commentary on colonialization and racism is both disturbing and humorous. Brilliantly crafted and sumptuously animated with oneiric lighting, it creates a unique universe, one that we will never forget.”

Best Feature Film Children and Youth |Mirai

“The story places one foot in adult reality and one foot in the fantasy world of a small boy. This film shows a family dynamic where a child wants to be included and loved and how his imagination helps him cope with his anxieties. This is a film which is sensitively and beautifully animated with a superb soundtrack. ”

Best Soundtrack |The Tower

“An insightful portrayal of several generations of a family of refugees, as seen through the eyes of a little girl. The filmmaker skillfully combines three different animation techniques, to depict with great humanity and tenderness our universal humanity. The tower becomes a metaphor that touches us all.”

Jury Special Award |The Tower

“The immersive sound design and sound mixing gives us a clear sense of the surroundings and space. The beautiful and singular music composition serves to effectively relieve and appease our emotions. We were impressed with the carefully chosen poignant silences and by the brilliant moments where sound and music work together as one. “