For the 4tH time, MONSTRA Festival returns to Buenos Aires in Argentina.

It is with a huge pleasure that we can share with the Buenos Aires audience the best moments of world animation that were presented at the MONSTRA Festival. A selection of films produced in more than 20 countries (including Portugal) and distributed in four programs dedicated to the general public.
The four sessions, directed to children, youth and their families, will be presented by Fernando Galrito – teacher, animator and director of MONSTRA Festival.

Between October 28 and 31, the Nestor Krichner Cultural Centre – the biggest Latin American cultural centre and the 3rd largest in the world – will also receive several activities such as MONSTRAS and MONSTRINHAS exhibitions of drawings, large dolls and Maria Veronica Ramirez paintings (inspired by the MONSTRA and MONSTRINHA characters of the Lisbon Animation Festival). At last, there will be four Animation & Fascination workshops and two conferences held by Fernando Galrito. The first conference, dedicated to the World Animation Day, will take place on October 28 at 6 PM. The second one, will focus “Animation: From the screen to the gallery.”

MONSTRAS and MONSTRINHAS exhibition will be inaugurated the 28th at 8 PM with the presence of Quino and Henrique Silveira Borges, Ambassador of Portugal in Buenos Aires.

Since October 23, the last page of the Argentine newspaper Clarin, one of the largest in Latin America, has a weekly illustration dedicated to MONSTRINHA. María Verónica Ramirez is the responsible for the vignette called MONSTRA and MONSTRINHA.