MONSTRA is ready to go on Summer holidays and can now sum up the numbers of 2016, which presented the 15th edition of the Festival with a total of 605 films, 244 of each were in the competitions.

MONSTRA 2016 took place over 11 days, in between March 3rd and 13th, receiving more than 57.000 visitors, of which 32.002 were at the film screenings and 22.000 visit the different exhibitions presented at Museu da Marioneta, Cinema São Jorge e Fábrica Braço de Prata.

After the Festival dates, MONSTRA presented different special screenings, extensions in cooperation with different entities and was on the loose in Portugal, summing over 7.000 spectators to the Festival activities.

MONSTRA à Solta visited in 2016 11 different cities – Marinha Grande, Portalegre, Tomar, Oeiras, Caldas da Rainha, Ponta Delgada, Funchal, Porto, Coimbra, Torre de Moncorvo e Coimbra –  where more than 3.000 spectators attended the screening of more than 50 films – shorts and feature films. Of these cities, Ponta Delgada had the most spectators – with 1.153 attending the film screenings.

To these numbers we have to ad all the people around the World who attended the MONSTRA and Monstrinha programs presented at different Film Festivals all around the World and the more than 500 people who went to MONSTRA special event at Jardim da Estrela on July 22nd.

In September MONSTRA will start reading the 2017 edition and all the activities for next year for which we will wait for the more than 65.000 spectators of 2016 and everyone that wants to join us.