Japan, post world war. Science has advanced significantly, giving humanity the chance to prolong life and reduce suffering through sophisticated cybernetics. Everyone is linked into one system of minds and personalities known as “Ghosts”. When your target can be anywhere and look like anyone, the only choice you have is to trust your ghost andhope you aren’t infected, too.

This film is direted by Kazuchika Kise, who was born in Osaka in 1965. After graduating from high school, he joined Osaka-based studio Anime R. He then moved to Production I.G. He was an animation supervisor in “Ghost in the Shell” (1995) and its Palme d’or nominated sequel. He’s regarded as one of Japan’s finest animation artists and returns with “Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie”.

“Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie” will be exhibited today, at 10 pm, in Cinema São Jorge. There will be a second session on March 23rd, at 10 pm, in Cinema Ideal.