Today, we are starting one of the most anticipated cycles of MONSTRA. Besides placing a spotlight on the talent of animation directors, whose films will be screening at Cinema São Jorge, the competition sessions place the most important decisions in the hands of the spectators and the jury.

Until the 17th, the audience will be able to vote for their favorite films, helping to determine the big winners and the most promising names that will insure the future of this film genre.

In the aftermath of its nomination for Best Animated Feature, The Breadwinner will be kickstarting the feature film competition and premiering nationally at 10pm, at Sala Manoel de Oliveira of Cinema São Jorge.

This film is a coproduction between 3 countries (Ireland, Canada and Luxemburg), and it is the first solo project of director Nora Twomey. It tells the story of 11-year-old Parvana, who lives with her family in Kabul (Afghanistan) – a region controlled by the Taliban. It portrays the day-to-day drama in warzones, focusing on the event that defines the life of the young protagonist: the day her father is arrested. In a society that looks down upon any sign of female emancipation, Parvana has to disguise herself as a boy to support the remaining members of her family. While doing this, she also does everything she can to save her father and recover the harmony of her home.

At 6pm, the same room is also hosting the first session of the Student Competition, which will present 13 short films created by young animation students. Its aim is to bring new blood and originality to MONSTRA.

This Monday’s screenings of competing films would not be complete without the screening of the first selection of Short Films, at 8pm at Sala Manoel de Oliveira of Cinema São Jorge. Do not miss it, especially for the originality of its stories and multicultural approaches.

With the Portuguese Competition, MONSTRA will be showcasing the best of national animation (which has won awards in international festivals). Its other competition categories, such as Supershorts and Monstrinha, show new and diverse ways to think about animation cinema – an art in constant renovation.

This week, come feel the creative energy in every competition!