Shoko Nishimiya is a deaf girl attending elementary school. She meets Shoya Ishida, a new boy in her class, who persuades the class to make fun of her hearing disability. Later, tormented by his past, Shoya makes up to Shoko and becomes her friend.

A Silent Voice illustrates the struggles and challenges of adolescence, contrasting it with the maturity that we develop throughout the years and the new light it brings to the careless actions of youth.

The film by Japanese director Naoko Yamada had received praise from all around the world:

Impressive in the way it takes a single incident and shows how it can damage both the victims and the perpetrators for a long time to come.” — The Hollywood Reporter

A Silent Voice has an appealing lush, wallowing emotional embrace.”—The Guardian

A Silent Voice is an empowering and emotionally rewarding redemption story about the importance of friendship.”—IGN

Don’t miss it! Thursday, March 15th at 10pm in Sala Manoel de Oliveira – Cinema São Jorge.