MONSTRA Festival


Over twenty years ago, when we started the MONSTRA festival in Teatro Taborda, the children and youngsters were a big deal. To bring the youngest the very best, something different and challenging in the animation cinema produced around the world was our goal. That’s how MONSTRINHA was born. A festival inside another festival. A festival for the youngest that grown ups also want to be part of.

Now, MONSTRINHA is already a long-standing friend of many educational institutions and movie theaters across the country. After all, every year it brings joy, fun and learning to the lives of more than 30,000 children through animated films.

Over the course of its 22 years, we have impacted more than 400,000 little students with stories of complicity, love, respect, community and ecology – and we want more and more of them!

In 2024, we’ll be returning with 4 sessions designed especially for students in Pre-school (3>5 years), Primary School (6>9 years, 10>14 years) and Secondary School, our Generation M (15>17 years), a set of films with the most varied techniques and themes, which are sure to inspire the most vibrant imagination and the most exciting debates. The programs will be available soon.

Although she’s 22 years old now, MONSTRINHA keeps being irreverent, young and fresh. Just like in some old cartoons, I think we can say:

This is only the beginning, folks.