MONSTRA Festival

Masterclasses MONSTRA at Home



To have access to these trainings scheduled for #MONSTRAatHOME, you will need to acquire an accreditation.
Accreditation gives access to the viewing of all film sessions and the participation of all trainings, between May 25th and 31st.

25th May | monday

6 p.m. (GMT)

ARNALDO GALVÃO – Director/Producer | Brazil

100 years of Brasilian animation

26th May | tuesday

6 p.m. (GMT)

CHRISTOPHE HÉRAL – Composer | France

“Le Voyage du Prince” – The music and the animation

27th May | wednesday

6 p.m. (GMT)

BURAK SAHIN – Teacher / Director | Turkey

Animation as a way of thinking and educating

28th May | thursday

6 p.m. (GMT)

EDUARD PUERTAS ANFRUNS – Director | Spain-Catalonia

Easy stop motion

29th May | friday

6 p.m. (GMT)

RAIMUND KRUMME – Director | Germany

Space and drawing in animation cinema

30th May | saturday

6 p.m. (GMT)

ED HOOKS – Actor / Teacher | USA

Acting for animators