MONSTRA showcases Portuguese animation in Barcelona and Artois


The upcoming MONSTRA Event is part of Animalusa, an event set to take place at the Centre Cívic Ateneu Fort Pienc in the heart of Barcelona today and tomorrow

This inaugural edition of Animalusa marks a century of Portuguese animation, showcasing 35 short films in the Catalan cultural hub. 

The Studio Kimchi‘s event features five thematic film cycles curated by Portuguese institutions.

The Casa Museu de Vilar presents stop-motion films, the Cinanima Festival focuses on shorts by women, Casa da Animação curates films for younger audiences, Curtas Vila do Conde encapsulates a century of national animation, and MONSTRA dedicates a series to the dictatorship and the ’74 revolution.

The program also boasts two masterclasses, one delving into Alexandre Siqueira’s “Purple Boy” and another featuring director-producer Abi Feijó. 

Admission is free. For reservations and further information, visit


In addition to Spain, MONSTRA is also venturing into France. 

This weekend, another MONSTRA Event is set to unfold at the Casino de Arras in Artois.

The one will feature the presence of our director, Fernando Galrito. 

Prepare for two days of animation, with a spotlight on Japanese creations, encompassing a total of 27 films employing various techniques. 

Beyond screenings, there will be conferences on the history of Japanese animation, a STUDIMATION program, and workshops. 

For more information, visit