MONSTRA is here


MONSTRA has arrived, bringing along the delightful chaos of choosing what to watch from over 400 films. 


The 23rd Lisbon Animation Festival is finally underway, promising eleven days packed with short and feature-length films, concert films, masterclasses, and endless exhibitions.

Are you ready for the cinematic extravaganza? We certainly are but would prefer if this festival lasted all year round.


In the following lines, we present some highlights from MONSTRA‘s jam-packed program, which is now available on our website. 


MONSTRA and the 1974 Revolution. 

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the April 25, we kicked off the festival with the screening of “Projeto – A Revolução,” a film crafted by students from schools worldwide, offering the younger generations’ perspective of what is a democratic revolution. Also featured was “Esta é a Nossa História,” a collaborative project between MONSTRA and the Casa da Cerca – Contemporary Art Center, created by a collective of young talents. 

We will also commemorate April 25 through our industry programs, including the MONSTRA Summit and a Masterclass with José Xavier, both dedicated to Freedom of Expression. 



For dedicated fans, including all little creatures, we offer merchandise featuring Tomm Moore’s iconic illustrations for the festival. 

Stop by our merch stand to get MONSTRA and MONSTRINHA t-shirts, totes, and badges. 


Shorts & Features: films and more films and gigs 

Don’t miss out on “Mars Express” and “Robot Dreams” – the latter arriving at MONSTRA with a Goya award and an Oscar nomination. From the feature film competition, be sure to catch “Sultana’s Dream” and “Chicken for Linda.” 

Standout Portuguese shorts include “Olha” by Nuno Amorim, “Sopa Fria” by Marta Monteiro, and “O Estado de Alma” by Sara Naves. 

In our Irish-themed program, we’re intrigued by the shorts from the Irish Animation Studios Retrospective and “The Inventor” (Matt Berry aficionados, secure your tickets now!). 

“King Sausage,” “The Dog Ate My Homework,” and “Cooked Fellas” are sure to create a buzz during MONSTRINHA sessions. 

If your calendar allows, add “Her Dress for the Final,” “Lawrence of Moravia,” “Maurice’s Bar,” and “Don’t Feed the Pigeons” to your #MONSTRAplan. 

For those who also want to dance, the Lisbon-based Irish folk band MeltingPot takes to the stage today at Cinema São Jorge. Tickets cost €4.5 and are available at the box office and online. 

On the 14th, the same venue hosts students from the Hot Clube de Portugal Jazz School for the JAZZANIM session. 



Our training program offers endless options for those eager to level up and learn more about animation cinema. 

We have masterclasses, panels, colloquiums, roundtable discussions, and a summit covering illustration, AI, abstraction, music, and many other animation-related topics. 

Don’t waste time—reserve your spot now! 

Votes and Awards 

To distribute MONSTRA prizes, the 2024 jury comprises directors, producers, and creative professionals from the industry. The team also includes members of the press and directors from other animation film festivals. 

But it’s not just the jury that honours films during the festival. 

As always, we have Audience Awards for which your opinion matters. 

During the festival, everyone can vote easily. Watch out for the QR codes projected before and after each session. The rules are simple: you can only vote once and while inside the theatre. 


Passes and tickets are on sale! 

Various types of MONSTRA passes, discounted for students and professionals, are still available on our website. 

For those who don’t have time to see everything, tickets for different sessions can be purchased at the cinema box offices where we’ll be, including online.