EXPOS: Alice & EA António Arroio


Apart from Three Families, MONSTRA has another three exhibitions dedicated to the world of animation.

One, showcasing the project created by MONSTRA, RTP, and Sardinha em Lata, titled Alice’s Diary, is now open at the Cinema São Jorge. 

The showcase displays the original pieces created by Ana Oliveira, Paula Custódio, and Tommy Grainger for the stop-motion scenes of the series, which is directed by Diogo Viegas and will soon premiere on Portuguese and Spanish television. 


Additionally, in collaboration with the Escola Artística António Arroio, two exhibitions have been organised to celebrate the Carnation Revolution. 

One of them, titled Revolutionary Encounters Pre-April 25 1974, in indoor spaces, is located indoors at São Jorge.

The other one, titled Run Freedom, Run! can be found at both São Jorge and the Cinemateca.


You can visit all three until March 17.

Three Families is on until April 7.