MONSTRA Festival

Terroranim ENG



11 March | CINEMA SÃO JORGE | 21:45
All films will be screened in Original Version and subtitled in Portuguese and English

Carne de Dios

Country: ARGENTINA, MEXICO Year: 2022 Duration: 21 mins.
Amidst the mountains somewhere in Mexico during the colonial times, a Spanish Priest who has fallen victim to a strange illness is taken by his native disciple to the hut of an old indigenous shaman. The Curandera will try to cure the Friar performing an ancient ritual which will have unexpected effects in the mind and body of the evangelizer.
Direction: Patricio Plaza
Writers: Patricio Plaza
Production: Patricio Plaza, Rosario Carlino
Animation: Patricio Plaza, Diego Polieri, Alejandro Samandjian, Javier Marino, Lisandro Schurjin Agostina Salvemini, Agustin Touriño, Facundo Garcia, Esteban Azuela, Federico Gutierrez, Salvador Herrera, Julian Lassa Ortiz, Emilia Abot,, Israel Giampietro, Ana Artaza, Ana Maria Martinez Velez, William Cifuentes, Jorge Pico, Mario Carrascal, Laura Pineda
Sound: Salvador Félix Troche, Agustin Genoud
Distribution: Miyu Distribution

The Boy and the Crow

Country: ROMANIA Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
The crow swallows the boy's blood of its beak. Now, the boy has only one choice left: run or stand his ground and face his fears.
Direction: Tudor Om
Writers: Tudor Om
Production: Tudor Om
Animation: Tudor Om
Music: Tudor Om
Sound: Tudor Om
Distribution: Tudor Om / Om Studio

Red Iron Road: In the Heat

Country: CANADA Year: 2023 Duration: 17 mins.
When a bruised and battered man claiming to be Santa Clause is arrested for the murder of a child, the interrogating officers uncover a story more bizarre and horrific than expected. The award-winning duo, Sam Chou and Ellery VanDooyeweert, team up again for another animated thriller, this time delving into the turbulent origins of old Father Frost himself. In The Heat is adapted from a 2008 short story by “Queen of Russian Horror”, Anna Starobinets.
Direction: Sam Chou
Writers: Ellery VanDooyewert
Production: Courtney Wolfson, Iouri Stepanov, Josh Bowen
Animation: Art Light
Music: Brett Carruthers, Steph Seki, Shannon Butcher
Sound: David Angell
Distribution: N/A


Country: BRAZIL Year: 2023 Duration: 18 mins.
Desiring an ardent and eternal love, a young man from Bahia goes hunting for a mythological creature.
Direction: Mateus Di Mambro
Writers: Jean Lima
Production: Tiago Oliveira
Animation: Alana Barros Fabiano Bomfim Fernanda Gambini Jessé Alves Joyce Nagamura Kelvin Lima Luiz Batalha Mateus Di Mambro Pedro Costa Rafael de Freitas Tiago Oliveira
Music: Celo Costa
Sound: Napoleão Cunha

De Imperio

Country: PORTUGAL, SPAIN Year: 2023 Duration: 13 mins.
During a peaceful night, a group of fugitives tries to find its way to the center of the building, where the entire resistance is gathering. Evading the surveillance, they go through the rooms of the Giants and witness their macabre routines.
Direction: Alessandro Novelli
Writers: Alessandro Novelli
Production: BAP - Animation Studio - David Doutel, Vasco Sá, Alexandra Ramires; Studio Kimchi - Carlota Pou, Bruno Simões
Animation: Inês Teixeira, Leonor Pacheco, Marta Reis de Andrade, Laura Gonçalves, Alessandro Novelli, Carolina Bonzinho, Maria Francisca Moura
Music: Simon Smith
Sound: Simon Smith, Jonathan Darch
Distribution: AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency


Country: POLAND, FRANCE Year: 2022 Duration: 8 mins.
In this film we are taking a perspective of the crab and through his eyes and ears we are able to discover worlds that he lives in. Animals are our silent companions; they have witnessed the greatest achievements and most horrible failures of humankind. They live their lives parallel to ours – they are our food, our tools or, in the best case, we just don’t notice them. What will happen if we try to take their perspective? How events that we all know from history lessons may look like through the eyes of the animals who witnessed it?
Direction: Piotr Chmielewski
Writers: Piotr Chmielewski
Production: Anna Mroczek, Wojciech Leszczyński, Justyna Rucińska
Animation: Paulina Szewczyk, Catherine Bossy, Sandra Mazur, Sofia Nabok, Piotr Chmielewski
Music: Wojtek Urbanski
Sound: Piotr Kubiak
Distribution: KFF