Monstra Festival

Terroranim ENG


Spain, 2014, 81′


Director: Samuel Ortí Martí

Since her husband, the great “bull-fighter” Gregorio, died in a domestic accident, Trini, the world famous “flamenco” dancer, left the “tablaos” plunged into a deep depression. Eventually, her son Damian, has begun to show signs of a rebellion close to dementia. No doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist can explain this behavior. This will get worse, and it will require supernatural explanation. Then, they will contact to Father Lenin, a priest, repudiated by the church, that is suffering a crisis of faith. He is the only hope to restore the peace in this family. Possessions, exorcisms, poltergeists, witchcraft, blood and “flamenco” are the ingredients of this comedy, which makes a tribute to all the horror films related to the devil and to all the films of Berlanga, in strict clay-animation.