Monstra Festival

Generation M

Generation M

United States of America, 2019, 2′


Director: Dana Sink

An exploration of movement and meaning.

Ireland, 2019, 5′


Director: Aidan McAteer
Writer: Aidan McAteer
Music: Sean Cooley
Sound Design: Sean Cooley
Editing: Aidan McAteer
Animator: Aidan McAteer

Max Punchface is only interested in fighting until he opens a portal to the calm world of Sheepland...

Portugal, United Kingdom, 2019, 6′


Director: João Gonzalez
Writer: João Gonzalez
Music: João Gonzalez
Sound Design: Ed Rousseau
Editing: João Gonzalez
Animator: João Gonzalez
Production: Royal College of Art

Nestor, a man with OCD, lives in an unstable houseboat which never stops oscillating.

France, 2018, 8′


Director: Ludovic Houplain
Writer: Mirwaïs Ahmadzaï & Ludovic Houplain
Production: H5, 50/50 Productions

Bob Iger said: "Hitler would have loved social media". He would have felt at ease in our time of soft totalitarianism. What if we put down our smartphones and opened our eyes wide shut?

Spain, 2019, 9′


Director: Cesar Díaz Melendez
Writer: Cesar Díaz Melendez
Music: Cesar Diaz Melendez
Sound Design: Cesar Diaz Melendez , Ramón Rico
Cinematographer: Cesar Diaz and Isabel de la Torre
Animator: Cesar Diaz Melendez

Life can arise anywhere, nature behaves strangely and days can last for minutes.

Switzerland, 2019, 9′


Director: Michael Frei
Writer: Michael Frei, Mario von Rickenbach

An animated short exploring group dynamics. How do we define ourselves when we are all equal?

Switzerland, 2019, 2′


Director: William Crook
Music: Murat Ombombe
Sound Design: William Crook
Animator: William Crook, Rafael Sommerhalder, Andrea Schneider

Feeling frenetic, frustrated, ecstatic, distracted, it's all part of getting started.

The Netherlands, 2019, 1′


Director: Rutger van de Wiel
Writer: Ronald Leijten
Production: Andreia Dobrota

The journey of a woman who suffered from cancer and was cured. She finds out that the battle is not over yet.

France, 2019, 1′


Director: Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin
Writer: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin
Music: Maxence Camelin
Production: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Once again, Little Red Riding Hood has to bring a cake, a jar of jam and butter to his grandmother. But this time, the wolf is not at the rendezvous.

France, 2018, 5′


Director: Donato Sansone
Writer: Donato Sansone
Music: Enrico Ascoli
Sound Design: Enrico Ascoli
Animator: Donato Sansone
Production: Autour de Minuit
Distribution Company: Autour de Minuit

In the beginning, there was the Stain. A paintbrush reveals a being of gouache.

France, 2019, 1′


Director: Maïlys Pitcher
Music: Benjamin Tissot
Sound Design: Maïlys Pitcher
Cinematographer: Maïlys Pitcher
Animator: Maïlys Pitcher
Production: Maïlys Pitcher

An unloved broccoli desperately wants to be eaten.