MONSTRA Festival

The Boy and the World


16 March | CINEMA SÃO JORGE | 17:00
No dialogues

Dreams by Twaan

Country: MOZAMBIQUE Year: 2022 Duration: 2 mins.
The short film “Dreams” follows the life of a young, introspective boy with a remarkable gift – he experiences a series of vivid, common human dreams every night. These dreams take you on exciting adventures and introspective journeys through the subconscious.
Direction: Paulo Diogo Simão
Writers: Paulo Diogo Simão e Solange Gil
Production: Paulo Diogo Simão
Animation: Paulo Diogo Simão
Music: Hyuta Cezar
Sound: Paulo Diogo Simão

The Boy and the World

Country: BRAZIL Year: 2013 Duration: 85 mins.
Suffering without his father, a boy goes on a quest to find him. During this journey, he gradually discovers the reality that surrounds him, a fantastic world dominated by machines, animals and strange creatures. He reveals to the audience his naïve view of existential, cultural and political issues in a globalized world.
Direction: Alê Abreu
Writers: Alê Abreu
Production: Filme de Papel
Music: Gustavo Kurlat, Ruben Feffer
Sound: Pedro Lima