MONSTRA Festival

Monstrinha Competition 6>9


Country: GERMANY Year: 2022 Duration: 4 mins.
The rhino is looking forward to his date with the rhino lady.
Direction: Julia Ocker
Writers: Julia Ocker
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Animation: Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez, Sofiia Melnyk
Music: Christian Heck, Sumophonic
Sound: Christian Heck, Sumophonic
Distribution: Studio FILM BILDER GmbH

Musical Socks

Country: CROATIA Year: 2023 Duration: 11 mins.
An extremely untalented bunny Darko takes singing lessons from Zvonko the cricket. Their lessons are a total failure. Both the teacher and the pupil are devastated. Zeljko the hedgehog brings a new perspective to the problem, turning Darko's flaws into advantages.
Direction: Ana Horvat
Writers: Ana Horvat
Production: Igor Grubic (Kreativni sindikat)
Animation: Ana Horvat
Music: Stanislav Kovacic
Sound: Stanislav Kovacic
Distribution: Bonobostudio


Country: MEXICO, FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 8 mins.
After witnessing an old dark stormy cloud painfully rain and die in sorrow, Noma, a puffy white cloud realizes that Mixtli, her daughter, a dark stormy cloud, is in danger of raining prematurely.
Direction: Diego Alonso Sánchez de la Barquera Estrada
Writers: Christian Arredondo Narvaez and Diego Alonso Sanchez de la Barquera Estrada
Production: Valentin Maupin, Aristote Douroudakis, Bálint Gelly . Bella Szederkényi, Christian Arredondo Narvaez et Diego Alonso Sanchez de la Barquera Estrada
Animation: Christian Arredondo Narvaez and Diego Alonso Sanchez de la Barquera Estrada
Music: Thibault Cohade
Sound: Théophane Bertuit
Distribution: Baptiste Salvan

Snoozy the Badger

Country: CZECHIA Year: 2022 Duration: 8 mins.
In the forest of Beechwood, Snoozy the badger, Smellias the skunk and Hazel the weasel, get help from Oola the owl, to beat the dreaded bloodthirsty Leechers.
Direction: David Súkup
Writers: Petr Stančík
Production: Czech Television - Barbara Johnsonová
Animation: Artist - Lucie Dvořáková, Animation - David Filcík
Music: Ondrej G. Brzobohatý
Sound: Vladimír Chrastil
Distribution: Czech Television Telexport

What’s in that crate?

Country: BELGIUM Year: 2023 Duration: 9 mins.
A story about a pilot, a captain, a machinist, a driver, a mailman, a girl... and a giant box. What's in the box, the giant box that the pilot brought with him from a country, far, far away? Probably an elephant, the captain thinks, and very carefully he loads the box onto his ship. The ship hobbles and wobbles on the high seas. A strong gust breaks open the walls of the box creakingly. And what’s in the box? Another box!
Direction: Bram Algoed
Writers: Bram Algoed
Production: ANIMAL TANK

Swimming with Wings

Country: NETHERLANDS, ISRAEL Year: 2023 Duration: 11 mins.
A short animated documentary exploring the immigration experience through the eyes of a little Israeli girl learning how to swim with clothes on in the Netherlands.
Direction: Daphna Awadish Golan
Writers: Daphna Awadish Golan
Production: Richard Valk, Amit Russell Gicelter
Animation: Daphna Awadish Golan, Gal Kinan, Yali Herbet, Amit Cohen
Music: Ady Cohen
Sound: Erez Eyni Shavit
Distribution: Miguel Español Celiméndiz / Sydney Neter

A Tiny Voyage

Country: FRANCE, SWITZERLAND Year: 2022 Duration: 8 mins.
John sees an extraordinary sight: Titi his parakeet opening the door to own his cage, all by himself! Yet the bird doesn’t fly away… So John decides to help Titi overcome his fears, as the pair set out on a tiny voyage.
Direction: Emily Worms
Writers: Emily Worms
Production: Reginald de Guillebon, Nicolas Burlet
Animation: Marc Robinet, Camille Borot-Bossot, Jaimeen Desai, Amaël Nicolas
Music: Virginie Tasset
Sound: Flavien Van Haezevelde
Distribution: Miguel Español Celiméndiz, Jérémy Mourlam

Head in the Clouds

Country: FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 11 mins.
Alfonso, a young squirrel, always has his head in the clouds. He loves watching them and sometimes takes snapshots of them. His parents and friends find it hard to take his hobby seriously. But cloud-gazing is not always easy – Alfonso sometimes has to be as brave as some of the great explorers of our times...
Direction: Rémi Durin
Writers: Rémi Durin
Production: Arnaud Demuynck
Animation: Morgane Simon, Pierre Mousquet, Adèle Fisch
Music: Yan Volsy
Sound: Yan Volsy, Renaud Watine
Distribution: Miguel Español Celiméndiz