MONSTRA Festival

Monstrinha Competition 3>5


Country: ARMENIA Year: 2023 Duration: 7 mins.
Sevanik is a small dragon who lives in Lake Sevan and has only one friend, a fluffy cloud. The cloud follows Sevanik's every move and emotion. But one day, while exploring outside of the lake, Sevanik gets bitten by a mosquito. This event leads to unexpected changes in their lives and friendship.
Direction: Harut Tumaghyan
Writers: Armen Ohanyan
Production: Susanna Khachatryan
Animation: Vahram Baghdasaryan, Sela Hekimian
Music: Andranik Berberyan
Sound: Tigran Kuzikyan
Distribution: OnOff Studio LLC

Go Away, Alfred!

Country: FRANCE, BELGIUM Year: 2023 Duration: 11 mins.
Alfred had to flee his country because of the war. Without housing, he wanders, from rejection to rejection. One day he meets Sonia, who offers him a coffee… Adapted from the book « Go Away, Alfred! » by Catherine Pineur (©Editions L'Ecole des Loisirs - Paris, France)
Direction: Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck
Writers: Arnaud Demuynck
Production: Arnaud Demuynck
Animation: Célia Tisserant, Tiphaine Kneip, Paul Gressier
Music: Yan Volsy
Sound: Jonathan Vanneste
Distribution: Miguel Español Celiméndiz


Country: GERMANY Year: 2022 Duration: 4 mins.
In an ocean full of big, bad fish, the pufferfish is trying to seem as big and strong as possible.
Direction: Julia Ocker
Writers: Julia Ocker
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Animation: Sofiia Melnyk
Music: Christian Heck, Sumophonic
Sound: Stereo
Distribution: Studio FILM BILDER GmbH

Three Trees

Country: CANADA Year: 2022 Duration: 5 mins.
In a great big forest not far from us, the three best friends - Maple, Pine and Magnolia - live together on top of a mountain. As the seasons change, the three trees discover surprising things in themselves. With help of their forest friends around, each tree overcomes growing pains and learns about themselves, friendship and their place in the forest and the world.
Direction: Mathias Richard Horhager, Aaron Hong
Writers: M.R. Horhager
Production: Emily Paige, M.R. Horhager
Animation: Ricardo Silva, Jason Lin
Music: Tyler Fitzmaurice
Sound: Audio Coara, Tyler Fitzmaurice

When I Was Scared of the Dark

Country: FRANCE, BELGIUM Year: 2022 Duration: 8 mins.
Robert does not like going to bed as he thinks there are monsters in his room, hiding in the dark. His mother leaves the landing light on and his door ajar. But that does not stop the little boy’s imagination from conjuring up his deepest fears! Fortunately, he has his teddy bear to help him … Freely adapted from the story "When I Was Scared of the Dark" by Mireille d’Allancé © L’école des loisirs Editions - Paris, France
Direction: Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck
Writers: Arnaud Demuynck
Production: Arnaud Demuynck
Animation: Célia Tisserant, Luca De Aranjo, Valentine Fournier, Pernette Pedoussaut, Thai Ha Phung, Matthieu Chesneau
Music: Yan Volsy
Sound: Philippe Fontaine
Distribution: Miguel Español Celiméndiz

The Сhristmas tree school

Country: RUSSIA Year: 2023 Duration: 8 mins.
Cactus works as a janitor at the Christmas tree school. He watches their training and dreams of becoming the main symbol of the holiday himself.
Direction: Anastasia Makhlina

The Missing Spots

Country: AUSTRIA Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
A little leopard born without dots learns to accept himself just the way he is.
Direction: Astrid Rothaug
Writers: Astrid Rothaug
Production: Astrid Rothaug
Animation: Astrid Rothaug
Music: Simon Öggl
Sound: Simon Öggl


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2022 Duration: 6 mins.
A hungry fox fights for the last berry on top of the tree.
Direction: Alexandra Allen
Writers: Alexandra Allen, Sara Allen
Production: Alexandra Allen
Animation: Alexandra Allen
Music: João Martins
Sound: Alexandra Allen, Sara Allen
Distribution: Alexandra Allen

The Hedgehog

Country: CZECHIA Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
Can hedgehog swim?
Direction: Daniela Hýbnerová
Writers: Daniela Hýbnerová
Production: Daniela Hýbnerová
Animation: Daniela Hýbnerová
Music: Ondrej Vomocil
Sound: Soundsquare
Distribution: Alexandra Hroncová - CINEFILA