MONSTRA Festival

Monstrinha Competition 10>14

Pirate and a Cello

Country: RUSSIA Year: 2023 Duration: 14 mins.
What feelings do street musicians evoke in you: indifference, irritation, or?.. An unusual duet of a cellist and a dog will make you change your attitude for the better, because true art and true friendship do wonders!
Direction: Andrei Sokolov
Writers: Marat Narimanov
Production: Mikhail Khuberyan
Animation: Alexandra Evseeva (ChiefAnimator), Oleg Bulankin, Roman Shibanov, Sergey Korupaev, Oleg Dubov, Andrey Kamalov, Galina Ridchenko, Viktor Letkevich, Sergei Polyansky, Sergei Korolev, Inna Yasinskaya, Margarita Kalitskaya, Dmitry Kalitsky
Music: Lev Zemlinskiy
Sound: Elena Nikolaeva

The Goose

Country: CZECHIA Year: 2022 Duration: 13 mins.
A boy fantasizes about becoming a famous footballer, playing in big stadiums - but first he has to win a match in a small backyard against a goose.
Direction: Jan Mika
Writers: Jan Mika
Production: Michal Podhradsky, Nicolas Schmerkin
Animation: Alfons Mensdorff Pouilly, Maxime Leclerc, Sylvain Rohart, Petr Charvát
Music: Viliam Béreš
Sound: Mirek Šmilauer
Distribution: Miguel Español Celiméndiz

King Sausage

Country: NETHERLANDS Year: 2022 Duration: 21 mins.
When Greetje's father, butcher Tuitjes, takes on the Italian butcher Smakkerelli, the formerly rustic village of Moppel is turned upside down and Greetje is in danger of losing not only the annual sausage competition, but also her great love Nol.
Direction: Mascha Halberstad
Writers: Luuk van Bemmelen
Production: Marleen Slot, Dries Phlypo
Animation: Jasper Kuipers, Marike Verbiest, Mirjam Plettinx, Rosanne Janssens, Quentin Haberham, Raymon Wittenberg
Music: Gerry Arling, Rik Elstgeest
Sound: Jan Schermer
Distribution: Ursula van den Heuvel (Kaboom Distribution)


Country: CANADA, FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 9 mins.
Told through the eyes of a child with an overflowing imagination, Harvey is a poetic, luminous look at bereavement and coping with the loss of a parent.
Direction: Janice Nadeau
Writers: Janice Nadeau
Production: Marc Bertrand, Reginald de Guillebon
Animation: Claude Cloutier, Marc Robinet, Pierre-Luc Granjon, Sophie Roze
Music: Martin Léon
Sound: Olivier Calvert
Distribution: Miguel Español Celiméndiz, Jérémy Mourlam

See you Champion!

Country: FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 4 mins.
While his mother is out, Alexis looks inside a chest of drawers.
Direction: Alexis Mouron

Desert Critter

Country: GERMANY Year: 2023 Duration: 8 mins.
The desert critter casts the shadow of a palm tree. No other animal has such an annoying shadow. Can the animal exchange the shadow? A reflection on one's identity and a story about the friendship of 2 animals that stay together regardless of their species.
Direction: Lina Walde
Writers: Lina Walde
Production: Lina Walde ; Ines Christine Geißer
Animation: Lina Walde, Alma Weber, Theresa Grysczok , Anna Wolf, Davi Saveedra
Music: Lina Walde, Marcel Daemgen, Paul Thiesen
Sound: Lina Walde, Michal Krajczok
Distribution: Lina Walde

The Sun is Bad

Country: HONG KONG, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
Set in Hong Kong during the late 80s, a temperamental girl tries to destroy the sun and stop it from melting her city using toys and whatever she has.
Direction: Sum Yee Rachel Mow
Writers: Rachel Mow
Production: Ivan Chui
Animation: Rachel Mow, Ivan Chui, Liren Sun, Chenrui Lan, Quinn Marsh, Daya Lee, Paul Goguen, Claude Lau, Cas Isaac, Kian Sherritt, Montana Ignacio
Music: Johnathan Yang
Sound: Jeremy Ben Ammar