MONSTRA Festival

Generation M Competition


Country: ISRAEL Year: 2022 Duration: 8 mins.
Island recounts the history of a small secluded island over the course of several millennia, to reveal a telling lesson about human nature. From the island’s rise to riches to its ultimate fall into ruins, the film explores the island’s different chapters over time: a heap of boulders, a massive guano deposit, a tropical oasis, a colonial territory, a prosperous republic, and an open-pit mine eventually devouring the island to the point of bankruptcy and desolation.
Direction: Michael Faust
Writers: Michael Faust
Production: Michael Faust
Animation: Michael Faust
Music: Rou Shakked
Sound: Nati Zeudenstadt


Country: SPAIN Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
It's hard to say “no” and hard to say “yes”.
Direction: Pere Ginard
Writers: pere ginard
Production: pere ginard
Animation: Pere Ginard
Sound: Pere Ginard
Distribution: Pere Ginard

Dede is dead

Country: CZECHIA Year: 2023 Duration: 8 mins.
Death of a beloved pet is a difficult thing to deal with, and even though we try to prepare for it, it always seems to come too soon. This is the story of a boy and his dog Dede, who passes away suddenly and the boy is left alone with his grief. In the end, he finds out that just because Dede is dead doesn’t mean that she is completely gone.
Direction: Philippe Kastner
Writers: Philippe Kastner
Production: Tomáš Šimon, Denisa Kopecká
Animation: Philippe Kastner
Music: Philippe Kastner
Sound: Philippe Kastner
Distribution: Alexandra Hroncová - FAMU


Country: TURKEY Year: 2022 Duration: 9 mins.
As a girl grows up, her world starts to become more complicated. She notices lines appearing on people's faces that she hadn't noticed before. While trying to see the hidden lives in between her neighbors' facial features, her own face struggles to ignore an unwanted line from her childhood.
Direction: Gülce Besen Dilek
Writers: Gülce Besen Dilek
Production: Gülce Besen Dilek
Animation: Gülce Besen Dilek, Ilya Lorenz Barrett, Katharina Ernert
Music: Hannes Britz
Sound: Frederic Hellmann
Distribution: Fabian&Fred

After Hours

Country: GERMANY Year: 2022 Duration: 6 mins.
Saiko has a horrible day at work. When she is finally getting some rest at her favorite bar, something horrible happens: Her office job gets a tight grip of her again.
Direction: Melanie Schnaidt, Cristina Narata
Production: Franz Rügamer
Animation: Melanie Schnaidt, Cristina Narata

Due battiti

Country: ITALY Year: 2023 Duration: 19 mins.
Matilde, a young painter in a state of crisis, moves into an old attic full of forgotten objects to find herself. Between dream and reality, one beat at a time, she creates paintings depicting unknown moments, helping her to understand the person she is to become.
Direction: Marino Guarnieri
Writers: Marino Guarnieri
Animation: Antonia Emanuela Angrisani, Annarita Calligaris, Danilo Florio, Laura Sammati, Ivana Verze
Music: Marco Sica
Sound: Enrico Pellegrini
Distribution: M.A.D. ENTERTAINMENT S.P.A.


Country: CHINA Year: 2023 Duration: 5 mins.
The female protagonist always grows a short and round mushroom in a potted plant at home. As she discovers her similarities with this mushroom, her attitude towards it also changes. In the short film 《Mushroom》, we use mushrooms as symbols and explore the impact of women's self objectification by reflecting on the similarities and changes in attitudes between the female protagonist and the mushrooms growing in her own flowerpot. And raise the question: Can we reconcile with ourselves when it becomes a daily matter for us to hide ourselves due to some female traits we feel ashamed of.
Direction: Li Han
Writers: Han Li, Jiemin Lin
Production: Han Li
Animation: Han Li, Jiemin Lin
Music: Nencol
Sound: Yuge Wu

The dog ate my homework

Country: CANADA Year: 2023 Duration: 5 mins.
The Dog Ate My Homework' is a charming stop-motion short that sends you surfing through the digital whirlpool of the internet. When a charismatic canine gatecrashes 12-year-old Charlie's screen, it's a laugh-out-loud reminder of the power of focus. As the lines blur between online adventures and offline duties, it's a colourful call to not forget life beyond the screen.
Direction: Alexandra Lemay
Writers: Alexandra Lemay
Production: Alexandra Lemay, Centre Vox
Animation: Peggy Arel, Alexandra Lemay, John-Daniel Arauz
Music: Luigi Allemano
Sound: Luigi Allemano
Distribution: Alexandra Lemay & Centre Vox


Country: GERMANY Year: 2023 Duration: 5 mins.
Don Cannelloni is enraged. Somebody cut the good premium parmigiano of La Famiglia with cheap, pre-grated cheese! Now it is up to Tony Riga and Al Capenne to get John Spagotti to confess.
Direction: David Sick
Writers: Franz Rügamer, David Sick
Production: Franz Rügamer, Nadiia Yunatska
Animation: David Sick, Benjamin Wahl, Eileen Kammer, Riyaaz Roy, Gina Stephan, Elias Weber
Music: Demian Martin
Sound: Sounddesign: Timo Kleinemeier
Distribution: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg