MONSTRA Festival

MONSTRINHA | Generation M

17 March | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 3 | 15:00
23 March | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 3 | 15:00
24 March | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 3 | 15:00
24 March | Centro Cultural da Malaposta | 15:00

Alternate Mesozoic

Country: France Year: 2021 Duration: 5 mins.
In the Mesozoic area, Rex and his dinosaur friends are going to be disturbed in their peaceful life by a tribe of annoying humans. A meteor shower will crash on the Earth. But dinosaurs are strong and humans will beg them to protect them. Rex will accept and save the humans. Dinosaurs and humans will evolve and coexist through the ages: antiquity, the Middle Ages and contemporary times. Are dinosaurs going to cope with the annoying and invasive behavior of humans?
Director: Swann Boby , Lucie Laudrin, Marion Métivier, Léna Miguet, Sixtine Sanrame, Marie Schaeffer Writers: SWANN BOBY

Ice Merchants

Country: Portugal, France, United Kingdom Year: 2022 Duration: 14 mins.
Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, heading to the village far away on the ground, to sell the ice they produce daily.
Director: João Gonzalez Writers: João Gonzalez Producer: Bruno Caetano, Michaël Proença


Country: China Year: 2022 Duration: 7 mins.
The original title of this film is “牠”, pronounced as “tā”, which is a pronoun mainly used for animals. A simple word such as “it” can contain the various animal and relationship forms that appear in the film — a metaphor for a complex society, focusing on social issues such as people’s identity, rights, and collectivity.
Director: Xia Fei Writers: Xia Fei


Country: Italy Year: 2021 Duration: 11 mins.
Two little mice discover the beauty of the moon that reminds them of their favorite food: a wheel of cheese. The short film is an original Opera, made specifically for this animation.
Director: Claudio Giusti Writers: David Boldrini

Shorts from the box / never give up

Country: Hungary Year: 2022 Duration: 7 mins.
The film consists of three short, playful stories told with a few simple matchsticks. The main character is a blue headed matchstick who jumps out of his box and sets off on an exciting journey, and then always returns to his box to embark on another adventure. A single matchstick, an easy-to-use object and at the same time opportunity for creative experiences that evokes everyone’s fantasy world.
Director: Geza M. Toth Writers: Geza M. Toth


Country: France Year: 2022 Duration: 3 mins.
To escape from everyday life, it's very simple: you need a ladder and a spoon. But is it really that easy?
Director: Arthur Chays Writers: arthur chays Producer: Elisabeth Martin

#BinaryGenderNorm: Girls

Country: Chile Year: 2021 Duration: 3 mins.

What behaviors are considered appropriate for girls in school? Thinking that it is not suited for girls to scream loudly or to do certain “boy” activities; assuming that they are the caregivers; and expecting them to be more responsible and more mature than their peers are just a few examples of the normative idea of ​​gender. The #BinaryGenderNorm implies that today women are produced as a second-class subject in schools.

Director: Bernardita Ojeda Salas, Cristián Freire Azzarelli Writers: Cristián Freire Azzarelli & Luz Marquez co-writers Producer: Cristián Freire Azzarelli

The 2 Shoes

Country: France Year: 2020 Duration: 5 mins.
A child, a young man, an adult, and an old man walk alternately to doom, finding two shiny shoes on their way.
Director: Paul Driessen Writers: Paul Driessen