MONSTRA Festival


Super Short Film Competition


16 March | CINEMA SÃO JORGE | 19:00
All films will be screened in Original Version and subtitled in Portuguese and English

My Dog J

Country: JAPAN Year: 2023 Duration: 1 mins.
J and I are good friends.
Direction: Stasuki Kubo
Writers: Satsuki Kubo
Animation: Satsuki Kubo
Music: Satsuki Kubo
Sound: Satsuki Kubo


Country: FRANCE, JAPAN Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
This is a Chinese legend about the birth of the moon. In it, two swamp reptiloids couldn't agree on a stone, which instigated a fight.
Direction: Alexandra Krioutchenko
Writers: Alexandra Krioutchenko
Production: Yuichi Ito
Animation: Alexandra Krioutchenko
Music: Maria Krioutchenko
Sound: Maria Krioutchenko
Distribution: Alexandra Krioutchenko

In these moments, I feel at home, I feel safe.

Country: NETHERLANDS Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
Impressions of childhood holidays with my siblings in the Colombian countryside in which I find ways to connect with nature through my memories. Ultimately, nature and memories bring me comfort and I want to share this experience with the other.
Direction: Ana Milena Bojanini Perez

This Socks

Country: INDIA Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
'This Socks' is a stop motion animation short film that experiments with different techniques to illustrate a common annoyance.
Direction: Ananya Bashyam
Writers: Ananya Bashyam
Animation: Ananya Bashyam
Music: Pranav Holla
Sound: Ananya Bashyam | Voice- Felice Ronzon

The Bubby Bear Show

Country: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
In this episode of The Bubby Bear Show, Bubby introduces the alphabet until a sinister figure appears. Bubby must escape while trying to keep the alphabet lesson going.
Direction: Thavin Vongpatanasin
Writers: Thavin Vongpatanasin
Production: Ringling College of Art and Design
Animation: Thavin Vongpatanasin
Distribution: Thavin Vongpatanasin and Ringling College of Art and Design


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 1 mins.
A blind synesthete, capable of associating smells with different colors and textures, is looking for something to eat. The character evaluates and distinguishes the foods available to him according to the smells he gets in contact with, represented by colors. He quickly feels overstimulated by his surroundings due to foods that are unpleasant to him, full of intensely nuanced patterns, until he finally finds peace in a simple meal that he likes.
Direction: Tiago Silva, Eyshila Gondim, Sofia Ceia
Writers: Eyshila Gondim, Sofia Ceia, Tiago Silva
Production: Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre, Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual
Animation: Eyshila Gondim, Sofia Ceia, Tiago Silva
Music: Alexandre Bragança
Sound: Alexandre Bragança
Distribution: Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre

Sea Squirt

Country: SOUTH KOREA Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
Sea squirts. The delicacy of the sea. Let's look into their life cycle which is similar to our life cycle.
Direction: Solbie Kim
Writers: KIM Solbie
Production: KIM Solbie
Animation: KIM Solbie
Sound: InspectorJ
Distribution: KIAFA AniSEED

Kafka & the lost doll

Country: UNITED KINGDOM Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
This is a film about how Franz Kafka consoled a girl (who lost her doll) by bringing her letters, supposedly written by the doll, recounting her exciting adventures around the world. Eventually, the story goes, Kafka brought her a different doll, passing it off as the original one.
Direction: Oliur Rahman
Writers: Oliur Rahman
Production: Hugh Harwood, Jack Coulson
Animation: Oliur Rahman
Music: In The Forest (Acoustic Indie No Copyright) (Instrumental) · Lesfm · Olexy
Sound: Oliur Rahman
Distribution: University for the Creative arts - UCA

Not a fairy tale

Country: POLAND Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
Extraordinary skills of a street lamp initiated by some unexpected non-human visitors. Believe it or not, it’s a true story. And it’s very unlikely to happen again.
Direction: Malgorzata Rybak
Writers: Malgorzata Rybak
Production: Malgorzata Rybak
Animation: Malgorzata Rybak
Music: an old folk melody by an unknown author, played by Nil Sen
Sound: Piotr Madej

A Field of Giant Angels

Country: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Year: 2023 Duration: 1 mins.
The Cryer finds themselves experiencing their eternal afterlife they strived for in life.... now what?
Direction: "Dominic ""Saywanay"" Seoane"
Writers: Dominic Seoane
Animation: Dominic Seoane, Alex Rocca
Music: Dominic Seoane
Sound: Dominic Seoane

Will You Come With Me?

Country: GERMANY, TURKEY Year: 2022 Duration: 2 mins.
A Berlin born little story... The city which fools you with its liberated outlook, tends to give you a slap in the face when you get into intimate relationships, only to find out that things still aren't so different then they were in the dark days of the past, when women had take responsibility for not only their actions, but also men’s, and had to bare the consequences all on their own... The film is calling the audience to remember that women's right to their own body, right to abortion and the (intersectional) feminist struggle are unfortunately and absolutely not issues of the past, but very present and burning issues and that not only women, but everyone should stay in solidarity.
Direction: Derya Durmaz
Writers: Derya Durmaz
Production: Derya Durmaz
Animation: Turgut Kocaman
Sound: Andreas Flack

Last Class

Country: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
Can you capture the last moment of normalcy before life changes forever? This animated memoire explores just that.
Direction: Pilar Newton-Katz

The Pattern

Country: SLOVENIA Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
Mother pig steps on her piglets stomach and opens up a wound. Grandma Vera, who is a seamstress, takes the piglet into her care. She carefully sews up his wounds, creating beautiful patterns of an old slavic tablecloths on his skin.
Direction: Dora Pejić Bach
Writers: Dora Pejić Bach
Production: Andrej Kamnik
Animation: Dora Pejić Bach
Music: Vjeran Pejic Bach
Sound: Vjeran Pejić Bach
Distribution: ALUO Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana


Country: ESTONIA Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
Cat needs absolute instructions for life, and now for every step he takes. Thus, he has been living for so long that he no longer remembers whether he could ever think for himself. Another day, maybe another night. Deep dark basement. Cat again uses the instruction to cope with household chores. But today he feels the breath in his back especially strongly. The cold of fear penetrates to the bones, but Cat descends towards the unknown, that from which he has been running for so long. He does not leave the old computer to the last, from where he looks at the instructions.
Direction: Jelizaveta Averko Averko, Ksenia Pleshakova
Distribution: Estonian Academy of Arts

Llamas at the Laundromat

Country: CANADA Year: 2022 Duration: 2 mins.
Got dirty clothes? Join two stylish llamas as they dance and sing their way though the steps of doing laundry at the laundromat!
Direction: Martha Grant
Writers: Martha Grant
Production: Pony.Productions
Animation: Martha Grant, Philip Eddolls, Anna Harestad, Sarah Ball, Meaghan Hettler, Scott Atkinson
Music: Aaron Peterson
Sound: Joe Coupal
Distribution: n/a

The Rabbit Hole

Country: ITALY Year: 2023 Duration: 1 mins.
A magician is performing his act in front of an audience. He reaches into his hat and pulls out a suppository instead of a rabbit. The audience is confused and the magician is embarrassed.
Direction: Crocopie Studio
Writers: Crocopie Studio
Production: Angelo Grimaldi, Alessandro Bottone
Animation: Giacomo Carruolo, Antonio Palladino, Luca De Benedictis
Music: Davide Capolongo
Sound: Ubaldo Manoni
Distribution: 206 LAB s.r.l.


Country: HUNGARY Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
Adaptation of István Örkény's short story Egy szoba, vályogfal, zsúpfedéll, in which a university student makes a report with an old woman, but they disagree about certain creatures, whose name is the Ludvercz.
Direction: Enikő Svarcz, Anna Csabai
Writers: Csabai Anna, Svarcz Enikő
Production: Melinsa Kiss
Animation: Csabai Anna, Svarcz Enikő
Sound: Csabai Anna
Distribution: Budapest Metropolitan University


Country: CZECHIA Year: 2023 Duration: 1 mins.
Imagine this: You're about to cook yourself a delicious meal, when all of a sudden, a friend calls you on the phone and wants to talk to you! What do you do?
Direction: Philippe Kastner
Writers: Philippe Kastner
Production: Tomáš Šimon
Animation: Philippe Kastner
Music: Dávid Procházka
Sound: Dávid Procházka
Distribution: Alexandra Hroncová

Ça Chewing !

Country: BELGIUM Year: 2022 Duration: 3 mins.
Gum is a sticky candy and an exceptional jazzman. Full of emotions, his heart melts very quickly. A Hymn to Love and... to chewing.
Direction: Armel Saint Loup
Production: Bastien Martin (Camera-etc)
Animation: Armel Saint Loup
Music: Jean Saint Loubert Bié
Sound: David Nelissen
Distribution: Dimitri Kimplaire (Camera-etc)


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
Tired of not having internet access on his cell phone, Sam decides to buy a Boombox. As he is focused on music, he ends up not paying attention to the world around him and gets involved in less good situations. However, the tape rewinds, bringing him back to when he was safe, until it rewinds too far, ending up in the past, breaking the tape.
Direction: Simão Pereira
Writers: Simão Pereira
Animation: Beatriz Ribeiro, Delfim Reis, Juan Cacedo, Inês Boal, Leonor Afonseca, Rafael Tashi, Gerson Soma, João Ribeiro, Bruna David, Simão Pereira
Music: Onyr1x
Sound: Luís Soares
Distribution: ETIC - Escola de Tecnologias Inovação e Criação

Architects' Cruise

Country: UNITED KINGDOM Year: 2022 Duration: 3 mins.
Architects gaze out across oceans. Away from the land, their intentions grow focused. In the flurry of debate, the cities of the future emerge. A hand-printed film.
Direction: Simon Hamlyn
Production: Simon Hamlyn
Animation: Simon Hamlyn, Chi Park
Music: Stuart Fisher
Sound: Simon Hamlyn, Chi Park
Distribution: Simon Hamlyn

The blue boy

Country: SWEDEN Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
During a party the blue boys secret got told.
Direction: Rickie Cai
Writers: Rickie Cai
Animation: Ida Cai
Sound: Jonathan Kallifatides

Knowing how to fall is a science

Country: PORTUGAL, HUNGARY Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
It's something you train for: Absorbing disasters, prevent falling after ligament rupture. Looking straight at the ground and still keeping your teeth: Knowing how to fall is a science
Direction: Katalin Egely

Cats are liquid

Country: CZECHIA Year: 2023 Duration: 1 mins.
A film filled with multiple silly scenes that prove that cats are (contrary to popular belief) not in fact solid but liquid instead.
Direction: Natálie Durchánková
Writers: Natálie Durchánková
Production: Tomáš Šimon
Animation: Natálie Durchánková
Distribution: Alexandra Hroncová


Country: ITALY Year: 2022 Duration: 2 mins.
“KIDz” explores the theme of growing up, focusing on the childhood / adulthood evolution and boundaries. A group of anthropomorphic rabbits is seen laughing, joking and playing in an ethereal space. Nothing seems to change as they play, however as it starts raining, one of the rabbits sees himself reflected in a puddle, noticing for the first time how long his ears have grown.
Direction: Michele Febbraio
Writers: Michele Febbraio
Animation: Michele Febbraio
Music: Michele Febbraio
Sound: Michele Febbraio


Country: HUNGARY Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
The main characters are three women in their fifties and sixties, who have many years of dancing experience. Their attitude, strict face expressions and unrealistic physical abilities are their most important characteristics, which generates competition between them and an overall uptight mood in the classroom.
Direction: Janka Dósa

The day before yesterday

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
In this memoir, António Luís Caramona recalls his experience in the war in Cabinda, when he was a young boy. He describes the day of his recruitment and then his experience in the humid forest of Cabinda.
Direction: T. Quinhones
Writers: T. Quinhones
Production: Escola Secundária António Arroio
Animation: T. Quinhones
Sound: António Luís Caramona and T. Quinhones


Country: RUSSIA Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
The story of the difference in the perception of time. The main character is rushing forward while the crowd is frozen waiting for the green traffic light.
Direction: Daria Volchok
Writers: Daria Volchok, Karina Pogorelova
Production: Boris Mashkovtsev
Animation: Daria Volchok
Music: Pavel Ivashinnikov
Sound: Pavel Ivashinnikov
Distribution: SMF animation studio


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
Jo, a curious but lonely child, and his discovery of the world through his senses for the first time.
Direction: Mariana Lima
Writers: Mariana Lima
Production: Mariana Lima
Animation: Mariana Lima
Music: Mariana Lima Marta Marques
Sound: Mariana Lima
Distribution: Mariana Lima ESMASD


Country: GERMANY Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
Pharmakon deals, as a fragment, with autofictional and collective traces of transgenerational war trauma.
Direction: Kai Welf Hoyme
Writers: Kai Welf Hoyme
Production: Kai Welf Hoyme
Animation: Kai Welf Hoyme, Rikisaburo Sato (Photography), Sunjha Kim (Drawings)
Music: Kai Welf Hoyme
Sound: Fred Rabelo
Distribution: Kai Welf Hoyme

Internet Gaga

Country: AUSTRIA Year: 2023 Duration: 2 mins.
Once upon a time (not so long ago), we humans believed that we would create a free and democratic place of endless knowledge through the internet. Just a few downloads, swipes and dislikes later, we now know that we have failed massively. 4Real!
Direction: Reinhold Bidner
Writers: Reinhold Bidner
Production: gold extra
Animation: Reinhold Bidner
Music: Reinhold Bidner (inspired by "Radio Gaga" by Queen / written by Roger Taylor, 1984)
Sound: Reinhold Bidner
Distribution: gold extra / Reinhold Bidner