MONSTRA Festival

Portuguese Competition

Portuguese Competition


15 March | CINEMA SÃO JORGE | 21:30
All films will be screened in Original Version and subtitled in Portuguese and English


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 11 mins.
In an autobiographical record, based on real facts, we follow Ruivo's family road trip Ruivo family to Castelo de Vide to the Easter celebration. But not everything goes as expected. Or maybe yes...
Direction: André Ruivo
Writers: Ana Ruivo e André Ruivo
Production: Humberto Santana
Animation: Osvaldo Medina
Music: Luísa Semedo
Sound: João Penedo

Morning Shadows

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 12 mins.
"I spend my life sitting, like an angel in the hands of a barber." - Rimbaud. Consider the association suggested by a barber shop between a razor blade and a pen, the brush of a painter and a barber, water, blood and ink. The way in which the main character experiences elemental things. The light travelling through space inhabits the body, its gestures, sensations and movement. The images – in this diary of lost things – represent loss and the healing of wounds. Morning Shadows tells the story of a unique life on its circular journey under the light of a brightening black sun.
Direction: Rita Cruchinho Neves
Writers: Pedro Castro Neves
Production: Pedro Castro Neves
Animation: Rita Cruchinho Neves
Music: Teho Teardo
Sound: Maria Castro, Henri Le Boursicaud
Distribution: Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2022 Duration: 6 mins.
A hungry fox fights for the last berry on top of the tree.
Direction: Alexandra Allen
Writers: Alexandra Allen, Sara Allen
Production: Alexandra Allen
Animation: Alexandra Allen
Music: João Martins
Sound: Alexandra Allen, Sara Allen
Distribution: Alexandra Allen

The Wide Eyed Girl and the Long Legged Boy

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 11 mins.
This is a love story full of encounters and mismatches, in which resides a constant presence of an incessant search for the relationships of happiness and self- esteem between the two characters.
Direction: Maria Hespanhol
Writers: Maria Hespanhol
Production: Ricardo Almeida
Animation: Rita Sampaio
Music: Pedro Marques
Sound: Pulsar Studios
Distribution: Freak Agency


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 11 mins.
Two screenwriters are in the process of creating a screenplay, conjuring some of their past, present and future ghosts, projecting their concerns and differences on the journey of the fictional characters, possibly their alter egos.
Direction: Nuno Amorim
Writers: Nuno Amorim, Vanessa Ventura, Nuno Amorim, Vanessa Ventura
Production: Vanessa Ventura, Nuno Amorim, Vanessa Ventura, Nuno Amorim
Animation: Manuel Sacadura, Joana Toste, Nayden Nikolov, João Silva, Daniela Duarte, Patrícia Figueiredo, Nuno Amorim, Milton Pacheco, Manuel Sacadura, Joana Toste, Nayden Nikolov, João Silva, Daniela Duarte, Patrícia Figueiredo, Nuno Amorim, Milton Pacheco
Music: Mateja Staric, Mateja Staric
Sound: Mateja Staric, Duarte Ferreira, Mateja Staric, Duarte Ferreira
Distribution: Animais avpl, Animais avpl

The Girl Who Walked On Snow

Country: PORTUGAL, SPAIN Year: 2024 Duration: 4 mins.
In a distant place, the saddest of girls carries within her a darkness feared by all. Fearing that her melancholy will taint everything around her, she only dares to venture outside when it snows, confident that the white mantle of purity will camouflage her sadness.
Direction: Bruno Carnide
Writers: Ana VMA Fernandes
Production: Bruno Carnide, Cátia Biscaia, Eduardo M. Escribano Solera
Animation: Bruno Carnide
Music: Miguel Samarão
Sound: Bruno Carnide
Distribution: Mailuki Films

Cold Soup

Country: PORTUGAL, FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 10 mins.
A woman victim of domestic violence looks back at the years when she was married, recalling how difficult it was to stay afloat.
Direction: Marta Monteiro
Writers: Marta Monteiro (Inspired in the comics “Sopa” by Joana Estrela)
Production: Vanessa Ventura, Nuno Amorim (ANIMAIS AVPL); Claire Beffa, Sidonie Garnier (La Clairière Ouest)
Animation: Daniela Duarte, João Silva, Manar Guiller, Natália Azevedo
Music: Nico Tricot
Sound: Geoffroy Cantou-Carrassoumet
Distribution: AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 4 mins.
Motus: a body in motion. A stop-motion animation where conception, degradation and regeneration cohabit in a unique way. A creation on a metal sheet using ethanol as the raw material.
Direction: Nelson Fernandes
Writers: Nelson Fernandes
Production: Nelson Fernandes
Animation: Nelson Fernandes
Sound: Nelson Fernandes e Felipe Santareno
Distribution: Nelson Fernandes

Alma's Condition

Country: PORTUGAL, SPAIN Year: 2024 Duration: 12 mins.
Alma wakes up every day with a different condition which keeps her from having a comfortable daily routine, reflecting her feelings of inadequacy as she tries to fit it among others.
Direction: Sara Naves
Writers: Sara Naves
Production: Nuno Beato, Diogo Carvalho, Jose Mª Fernández de Vega
Animation: Sara Naves, Carina Beringuilho, Filipa Gomes da Costa
Music: Óscar López Plaza
Sound: Green Peak Studio - Daniel Camalhão

Almost Forgotten

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 9 mins.
A woman wanders through the impermanence of her childhood memories, trying to rebuild the story of the house where her grandfather lived.
Direction: Dimitri Mihajlovic, Miguel Lima
Writers: Dimitri Mihajlovic, Miguel Lima, Pedro Bastos
Production: BAP - Animation Studio - David Doutel, Vasco Sá
Animation: Carolina Bonzinho, Dimitri Mihajlovic, Leander Meresaar, Marta Andrade, Miguel Lima, Rozenn Busson, Teresa Baroet
Music: Hainbach
Sound: Bernardo Bento, Pedro Marinho
Distribution: AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency

De Imperio

Country: PORTUGAL, SPAIN Year: 2023 Duration: 13 mins.
During a peaceful night, a group of fugitives tries to find its way to the center of the building, where the entire resistance is gathering. Evading the surveillance, they go through the rooms of the Giants and witness their macabre routines.
Direction: Alessandro Novelli
Writers: Alessandro Novelli
Production: BAP - Animation Studio - David Doutel, Vasco Sá, Alexandra Ramires; Studio Kimchi - Carlota Pou, Bruno Simões
Animation: Inês Teixeira, Leonor Pacheco, Marta Reis de Andrade, Laura Gonçalves, Alessandro Novelli, Carolina Bonzinho, Maria Francisca Moura
Music: Simon Smith
Sound: Simon Smith, Jonathan Darch
Distribution: AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency