MONSTRA Festival

Anima CPLP



All films will be screened in Original Version and subtitled in Portuguese and English

The Boy and the World

Country: BRAZIL Year: 2013 Duration: 85 mins.
Suffering without his father, a boy goes on a quest to find him. During this journey, he gradually discovers the reality that surrounds him, a fantastic world dominated by machines, animals and strange creatures. He reveals to the audience his naïve view of existential, cultural and political issues in a globalized world.
Direction: Alê Abreu
Writers: Alê Abreu
Production: Filme de Papel
Music: Gustavo Kurlat, Ruben Feffer
Sound: Pedro Lima

Teca & Tuti: A Night at the Library

Country: BRAZIL Year: 2023 Duration: 74 mins.
The tiny clothes moth Teca lives with her family and pet dust mite Tuti in a sewing box. What they love most is to eat paper, but when Teca learns to read, she notices that books cannot be eaten; after all, they keep stories that she loves. Committed to solving a great mystery, Teca and Tuti part towards the library, searching for the most important story of their lives.
Direction: Eduardo Perdido, Tiago M. A. Lima, Diego M. Doimo
Writers: Carolina Ziskind, Diego M. Doimo, Eduardo Perdido e Fernando Miller
Production: Tiago MAL, Diego M. Doimo, Ana Luiza Pereira e Eduardo Perdido
Animation: Eduardo Perdido, Érica Valle e Thomate Larson
Music: Hélio Ziskind e Ivan Rocha
Sound: Ana Luiza Pereira

In search of the promised music

Country: BRAZIL Year: 2022 Duration: 12 mins.
The animated journey of pianist and composer Benjamin Taubkin in search of Music itself. Graphic experiments accompany his walk, each part of the film traverses an aesthetic field with elements and tools that are revisited and build other meanings when mixed with each other. As in his music. A graphic interpretation of that unspeakable and true energy that is felt when playing an instrument and how it translates into his journey as a composer and pianist until today.
Direction: Gabriel Bitar
Writers: Benjamin Taubkin e Gabriel Bitar
Production: Nana Lahóz e Renata Roberta
Animation: Gabriel Bitar
Music: Benjamin Taubkin
Sound: Tom Laterza
Distribution: Veranito Animation Studio

Lulina and the Moon

Country: BRAZIL Year: 2023 Duration: 14 mins.
Lulina draws her greatest fears over the infinite white floor of the Moon. Magically, her illustrations come to life and teach her that her problems aren't as monstrous as her imagination painted them.
Direction: Marcus Vinicius Vasconcelos, Alois Di Leo
Writers: Marcus Vinicius Vasconcelos
Production: Marcus Vinicius Vasconcelos, Pedro Giongo
Animation: Henirque Lobato
Music: Alìcio Amaral
Sound: Marília Mencucini
Distribution: Marcus Vinicius Vasconcelos


Country: BRAZIL Year: 2023 Duration: 18 mins.
Desiring an ardent and eternal love, a young man from Bahia goes hunting for a mythological creature.
Direction: Mateus Di Mambro
Writers: Jean Lima
Production: Tiago Oliveira
Animation: Alana Barros Fabiano Bomfim Fernanda Gambini Jessé Alves Joyce Nagamura Kelvin Lima Luiz Batalha Mateus Di Mambro Pedro Costa Rafael de Freitas Tiago Oliveira
Music: Celo Costa
Sound: Napoleão Cunha


Country: BRAZIL, FINLAND, BELGIUM, PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 4 mins.
The story of mother and daughter drifting apart. Water is where they have the connection and disconnection. The water of the womb and the seawater. The mother cannot enter the sea and the daughter wants to go to the deep.
Direction: Julia Nicolescu
Writers: Julia de Macedo Nicolescu
Production: Re:anima European Joint Master in Animation
Animation: Julia de Macedo Nicolescu, Helena Coelho, Toni Soares, Rebeca Nigri
Music: Yann Lemos
Sound: Yann Lemos
Distribution: Julia de Macedo Nicolescu

Anacleto, the balloon

Country: BRAZIL Year: 2023 Duration: 12 mins.
Some balloons are very colorful. Some attend parties and sing happy birthday. Some balloons work with clowns. Others deflate and shrink. Anacleto the balloon likes to scare.
Direction: Carol Sakura, Walkir Fernandes
Writers: Carol Sakura
Production: Anne Lise Ale; E. M. Z. Camargo; Antonio Eder; Walkir Fernandes
Animation: Bruno Sandes; Daniel Suzuki; Daniel Santana; Fernanda Mamede; Heloá Michelin; Thiago Do Carmo; Guilherme Guidetti; Angélica Botini; Júlio Moreira; Karina Monteiro; Lucas Bicalho; Emanuel Rocha
Music: Vadeco Schettini
Sound: Vadeco Schettini
Distribution: E. M. Z. Camargo

O Futuro Que Me Alcance

Country: BRAZIL Year: 2023 Duration: 5 mins.
"It's up to the future" is a 2D animated music video of Reynaldo Bessa's song that takes us on a surreal and existential journey through the memories and affections of the lyrical self.
Direction: Nat Grego
Writers: Nat Grego
Production: Marcelo Abud
Animation: Nat Grego
Music: Reynaldo Bessa
Sound: André Minassian
Distribution: Marcelo Abud/ Nat Grego/ Reynaldo Bessa


Country: BRAZIL Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
RAPdão is the third single from the ABRAKBÇA project, a fun ride in a playful universe created by a Magical MC, charming with words, connecting hip-hop attitude and children's creativity.
Direction: Pedro Peluso
Writers: Pedro Peluso
Production: Renan Inquerito
Animation: Pedro Peluso, Ana Barroso Calle, Moacir “Siso” Barros
Music: Renan Inquerito
Sound: MUSIC MC Mágico: Renan Inquérito Lyrics: Renan Inquérito feat: Arnaldo Antunes Beat: Pop Black e Wesley Camilo Musical Production: Pop Black e Wesley Camilo Bass: Marcelo Morais Scratches: DJ RM Mix and Master: Silvera kids choir: Alice Lisboa, Francisco Leal, Liah Vitória, Lívia Borges, Liz Palomo, Malu Thegon, Nycolle Almeida, Pedro Bregalda, Rafael dos Santos e Sophia Lauryn.

Dreams by Twaan

Country: MOZAMBIQUE Year: 2022 Duration: 2 mins.
The short film “Dreams” follows the life of a young, introspective boy with a remarkable gift – he experiences a series of vivid, common human dreams every night. These dreams take you on exciting adventures and introspective journeys through the subconscious.
Direction: Paulo Diogo Simão
Writers: Paulo Diogo Simão e Solange Gil
Production: Paulo Diogo Simão
Animation: Paulo Diogo Simão
Music: Hyuta Cezar
Sound: Paulo Diogo Simão


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 11 mins.
Two screenwriters are in the process of creating a screenplay, conjuring some of their past, present and future ghosts, projecting their concerns and differences on the journey of the fictional characters, possibly their alter egos.
Direction: Nuno Amorim
Writers: Nuno Amorim, Vanessa Ventura, Nuno Amorim, Vanessa Ventura
Production: Vanessa Ventura, Nuno Amorim, Vanessa Ventura, Nuno Amorim
Animation: Manuel Sacadura, Joana Toste, Nayden Nikolov, João Silva, Daniela Duarte, Patrícia Figueiredo, Nuno Amorim, Milton Pacheco, Manuel Sacadura, Joana Toste, Nayden Nikolov, João Silva, Daniela Duarte, Patrícia Figueiredo, Nuno Amorim, Milton Pacheco
Music: Mateja Staric, Mateja Staric
Sound: Mateja Staric, Duarte Ferreira, Mateja Staric, Duarte Ferreira
Distribution: Animais avpl, Animais avpl

Almost Forgotten

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 9 mins.
A woman wanders through the impermanence of her childhood memories, trying to rebuild the story of the house where her grandfather lived.
Direction: Dimitri Mihajlovic, Miguel Lima
Writers: Dimitri Mihajlovic, Miguel Lima, Pedro Bastos
Production: BAP - Animation Studio - David Doutel, Vasco Sá
Animation: Carolina Bonzinho, Dimitri Mihajlovic, Leander Meresaar, Marta Andrade, Miguel Lima, Rozenn Busson, Teresa Baroet
Music: Hainbach
Sound: Bernardo Bento, Pedro Marinho
Distribution: AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency

Morning Shadows

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 12 mins.
"I spend my life sitting, like an angel in the hands of a barber." - Rimbaud. Consider the association suggested by a barber shop between a razor blade and a pen, the brush of a painter and a barber, water, blood and ink. The way in which the main character experiences elemental things. The light travelling through space inhabits the body, its gestures, sensations and movement. The images – in this diary of lost things – represent loss and the healing of wounds. Morning Shadows tells the story of a unique life on its circular journey under the light of a brightening black sun.
Direction: Rita Cruchinho Neves
Writers: Pedro Castro Neves
Production: Pedro Castro Neves
Animation: Rita Cruchinho Neves
Music: Teho Teardo
Sound: Maria Castro, Henri Le Boursicaud
Distribution: Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency

Cold Soup

Country: PORTUGAL, FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 10 mins.
A woman victim of domestic violence looks back at the years when she was married, recalling how difficult it was to stay afloat.
Direction: Marta Monteiro
Writers: Marta Monteiro (Inspired in the comics “Sopa” by Joana Estrela)
Production: Vanessa Ventura, Nuno Amorim (ANIMAIS AVPL); Claire Beffa, Sidonie Garnier (La Clairière Ouest)
Animation: Daniela Duarte, João Silva, Manar Guiller, Natália Azevedo
Music: Nico Tricot
Sound: Geoffroy Cantou-Carrassoumet
Distribution: AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 4 mins.
Motus: a body in motion. A stop-motion animation where conception, degradation and regeneration cohabit in a unique way. A creation on a metal sheet using ethanol as the raw material.
Direction: Nelson Fernandes
Writers: Nelson Fernandes
Production: Nelson Fernandes
Animation: Nelson Fernandes
Sound: Nelson Fernandes e Felipe Santareno
Distribution: Nelson Fernandes

The Girl with the Occupied Eyes

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2024 Duration: 8 mins.
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who, even when out and about, was always distracted. Eyes fixed on her phone, she didn’t notice the world around her or anyone who wanted to play. What could be done to “disoccupy” her eyes?
Direction: André Carrilho
Writers: André Carilho
Production: Hemi Fortes, Filipe Araújo
Animation: Luís Vital, João Silva, André Carrilho
Music: Nuno Costa
Sound: Pedro Carvalho

Esta é a Nossa História

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2024 Duration: 5 mins.

White on Black

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
A short black and white journey through the life of Ricardo, someone who sees fate putting his life on the right path.
Direction: Deise Timas, João Cadima, Sara Silva


Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2023 Duration: 6 mins.
Manuelina has trouble processing the world around her, but when her girlfriend invites her on a date to the park, she decides to face her anxieties! In the park, Manuelina's fears manifest themselves in peculiar ways - will she be able to overcome them?
Direction: Carlos Costa
Writers: Carlos Costa / Gaspar Morado
Production: Carlos Costa
Animation: Carlos Costa
Music: Rafael Lacerda
Sound: Rafael Lacerda