Monstra Festival



When is the next edition of the festival?

The next edition of MONSTRA, composed by 12 days of non-stop animation, will happen between the 18th and the 29th of March 2020.

Where does MONSTRA happen?

The festival happens all throughout the city of Lisbon. However, the majority of the events and film sessions related to the festival’s competitions will take place at Cinema São Jorge, in Avenida da Liberdade. Cinema City in Alvalade and Cinema Ideal will also hold special screenings and film retrospectives which are part of MONSTRA’s 19th edition program.

The scheduled exhibitions change in every edition, but a few of our recurring partners are Museu da Marioneta, Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes and Cinemateca Portuguesa, for instance.

I’m a director. What should I do to submit my film?

As soon as the call for entries is open, all you need to do is to fill in the submission form for movies in the most adequate competition category.

Can I submit more than one film?

Yes. Although you should only submit one application, each film must have its own authorization form.

When is the presentation of the program for the 2020 edition taking place?

The program of the 19th edition of MONSTRA will be presented in February at Cinemateca Portuguesa. Soon after, all the information will be available online.

Are the training sessions, exhibitions and other parallel activities free?

Only the talks are free. To attend other training sessions  – Workshops and Masterclasses – you must pay an entry fee and apply in advance by sending an email to

In general, other activities and exhibitions are free of charge but there may be some exceptions. Check the festival’s program for more practical information.

How much do the tickets for the scheduled film sessions cost?

The price of the tickets varies according to the places where the sessions occur.

Where can I buy tickets?

The tickets will be available in any of the places that hold film sessions included in the program: Cinema São Jorge (central place of the festival), Cinema Ideal, Cinema City de Alvalade, Cinemateca Portuguesa, Cinemateca Júnior, Museu Nacional de Etnologia, etc.

When will the tickets be available for sale?

Usually, the ticket offices at Cinema São Jorge start to sell tickets for the festival’s film sessions in the beginning of March.

Where can I find all the information about the program and the festival?

Gradually, we will unveil all the information about the festival’s 19th edition through our official communication channels: website and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Our media partners will also include highlights of the program on their online pages, after the press conference.