MONSTRA Festival




12 March | CINEMA SÃO JORGE | 22:00
No dialogues

I'm Leaving

Country: GERMANY, FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 4 mins.
As the night comes, the journey begins. Running rushing, racing. Unbound from time and swept away by the night’s surreal cascade of lights, we leave day-life behind.
Direction: Michelle Brand
Writers: Michelle Brand
Production: Célestine Gonzalez
Animation: Michelle Brand, Toby Auberg, Camille Gibut, Lisa Cruz
Music: Vonfelt
Distribution: Michelle Brand

Midnight Call

Country: CHINA Year: 2022 Duration: 5 mins.
In a world filled with chaotic branches, we are lost like a clown. After struggling and suffering, are we heading for the tragedy of bliss or a moment of peace? The answer is: "To all my friends who are mentally disturbed". This is a Music Video of the same name for the song "Midnight Call" by Second Hand Rose. The rooster in this film is a clown, a girl lives inside him, they love each other and hate each other, what she wants, he doesn't want, what he wants, he can't do... ... One day at the end of the night, when the tearing happens, what choice will it make?
Direction: Yujie Huang
Music: Second Hand Rose

O Futuro Que Me Alcance

Country: BRAZIL Year: 2023 Duration: 5 mins.
"It's up to the future" is a 2D animated music video of Reynaldo Bessa's song that takes us on a surreal and existential journey through the memories and affections of the lyrical self.
Direction: Nat Grego
Writers: Nat Grego
Production: Marcelo Abud
Animation: Nat Grego
Music: Reynaldo Bessa
Sound: André Minassian
Distribution: Marcelo Abud/ Nat Grego/ Reynaldo Bessa

Universe of Language

Country: FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 4 mins.
The nearly 150-year-old custom of using body language to initiate trades among traders was officially put to rest in 2021 with the closing of the Chicago Stock Exchange's trading floor, becoming a symbol of an entire financial era. Since the dawn of civilization, the relationship between hands and numbers has been ingrained in our trading culture. Even today, many parts of China still bargain in public using the "hand in the sleeve" technique. When the idea of "Universe of Language" takes on the sense of "trading gestures” and draws on the discussion of "dimensionality" in fractal mathematics, it ends up providing a new formula of visual expression to describe "how we use our body to measure and communicate the world through mathematics.”
Direction: Guangli LIU, Bai LI
Writers: Guangli Liu
Production: Guangli Liu
Animation: Guangli Liu
Music: P-i
Sound: P-i
Distribution: Guangli Liu


Country: IRAN Year: 2023 Duration: 5 mins.
The piglet notices an unidentified blue reflection and begins to actively search for its source, but in pursuit of the unknown he destroys what has been near and familiar to him since childhood.
Direction: Ela Rafiee
Writers: Maria Zemerova
Production: Daria Razinkova
Animation: Angelina Zhuk, Maria Zemerova, Daria Razinkova
Music: Maria Astakhova
Sound: Maria Astakhova
Distribution: St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television

Fiore Mio - Andrea Laszlo De Simone

Country: ITALY Year: 2023 Duration: 4 mins.
“Fiore mio” is a visual suggestion, a succession of images meant to tell the story of absence and presence, what remains or what is lost, between two people when their paths part. The project was born from a dedication to the song of the same name "Fiore Mio" by Andrea Laszlo De Simone. The music video is a mix of traditional animation and footage, made by printing all frames by hand through the cyanotype technique. Thus, cyanotype becomes a tool that conveys the message, because it is a technique made of voids, of solids, which prints the present time of its creation in an imperfect way, linked to sunlight.
Direction: Viola Mancini

Hakëhn Deïs

Country: FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 5 mins.
The 'Hakëhn Deïs' music video is the result of a collaboration between two dancers/choreographers from the Paris Opera, and machines, all wrapped up in the music of the legendary group Magma.
Direction: Nino Lou Le Chenadec
Writers: Nino Lou Le Chenadec
Production: Stella Vander
Animation: Adrien Combes
Music: Magma
Sound: Magma
Distribution: Seventh Records

Our road

Country: GREECE Year: 2023 Duration: 4 mins.
Animated video clip of the song "Amaro drom", created by the composer and animator Valasia Dodulu. The song is about the gypsies. Below is the english translation of the lyrics in romani dialect. "We traveled all around the world, we arrived here on foot. From our hands come out flowers, from our mouth come out songs. We are romani people, like birds, our home is the sky. We dance with our heart every song is about love."
Direction: Valasia Dodulu
Writers: Valasia Dodulu
Production: Valasia Dodulu
Animation: Valasia Dodulu
Music: Valasia Dodulu
Sound: Valasia Dodulu


Country: UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Year: 2023 Duration: 8 mins.
A desert wanderer breaks away from their collective after receiving an otherworldly intervention. What begins as a pursuit of a lost inner force ends in a great reset of the universe.
Direction: Katy Wang, Gabriel Greenough
Production: KNA
Animation: Katy Wang, Gabriel Greenough, Peter Chownsmith, Sahanshil Dangol, Giulia Frixione, Soph Wolfson
Music: Song by KNA
Sound: Sound Design: Ana Roman

Sexual Misery (English version)

Country: BELGIUM, FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 5 mins.
A hymn to women taking back control of urban areas. Brussels. In some parts of the city, women are very familiar with a phenomenon which is as widespread here as elsewhere: they attract attention, even if they do not want it, and then there are remarks, proposals, 'compliments' and finally insults.
Direction: Ingrid Heiderscheidt
Writers: Ingrid Heiderscheidt, David Chazam
Production: Zorobabel (William Henne), La Huit (Stéphane Jourdain)
Animation: Jeanne Boukraa, Vincent Bretagne, Neige Cavallini, Jean Courtois, Morgane Sublet
Music: Monique Sonique
Sound: Monique Sonique

La Chica "Oasis"

Country: FRANCE Year: 2023 Duration: 4 mins.
"Oasis" is an inner source of inspiration. It evokes the strength and plurality that inhabit the singer. This assemblage of techniques illustrates the richness that emanates from the encounter between two artists, Marion Castéra and La Chica.
Direction: Marion Castéra
Writers: Marion Castéra
Production: Temple Caché
Music: La Chica - Oasis

A Spray’s Trip: Talking to the Palm-Print of God

Country: CHINA Year: 2022 Duration: 7 mins.
Hi, everything
Direction: Cheng Qiu

Seas of Dreams

Country: JAPAN Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
We can hurt or be hurt by someone's words, just as we can hurt or uplift others with our own words. Similarly, we can find hope in someone else's words, helping us realize that we are not alone. Even in an era where the future is as uncertain as the fog, it would be wonderful if we could find the light of hope.
Direction: Eri Kasahara
Animation: Dobutsu ni mieru nuno
Music: Dave Kabata


Country: BRAZIL Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
RAPdão is the third single from the ABRAKBÇA project, a fun ride in a playful universe created by a Magical MC, charming with words, connecting hip-hop attitude and children's creativity.
Direction: Pedro Peluso
Writers: Pedro Peluso
Production: Renan Inquerito
Animation: Pedro Peluso, Ana Barroso Calle, Moacir “Siso” Barros
Music: Renan Inquerito
Sound: MUSIC MC Mágico: Renan Inquérito Lyrics: Renan Inquérito feat: Arnaldo Antunes Beat: Pop Black e Wesley Camilo Musical Production: Pop Black e Wesley Camilo Bass: Marcelo Morais Scratches: DJ RM Mix and Master: Silvera kids choir: Alice Lisboa, Francisco Leal, Liah Vitória, Lívia Borges, Liz Palomo, Malu Thegon, Nycolle Almeida, Pedro Bregalda, Rafael dos Santos e Sophia Lauryn.

C C C - Animated Music Video

Country: INDIA Year: 2023 Duration: 3 mins.
"C C C" is a surreal music video that intricately weaves the emotional journey of a young couple as they navigate the evolving stages of their relationship. In this captivating narrative, the girl finds herself gradually drifting away, while her partner fervently tries to hold onto what they once had.
Direction: Aishwarya Chaudhari, Siddharth Modi
Writers: Aishwarya Chaudhari and Siddharth Modi
Production: Anicipate
Animation: Aishwarya Chaudhari, Siddharth Modi and Livia Thomas
Music: Parekh and Singh
Sound: Parekh and Singh
Distribution: Parekh and Singh

Para saber que te quiero

Country: HUNGARY, ARGENTINA Year: 2022 Duration: 3 mins.
There are many pieces of art about the love between parents and children but there are very few that talk about the relationship between parents and adopted children. Caticuénticos, the Argentine band once again chose a taboo and composed a chakarera to sing about this love full of hope.
Direction: Katalin Egely
Writers: Katalin Egely
Animation: Katalin Egely
Music: Canticuénticos
Sound: Canticuénticos
Distribution: Katalin Egely