Monstra Festival

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MONSTRA returns to Brazil
MONSTRA | Lisbon Animation Festival is returning to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Fernando Galrito, the festival´s artistic director, will be one o...
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MONSTRA goes to Italy
MONSTRA goes to the "enchanted city" to attend an event that brings together the greatest animation artists in Civita di Bagnoregio. La Città...
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MONSTRA in Morocco
From April 24th until May 3rd, MONSTRA will bring Portuguese animation to Morocco. Until April 28th,  MONSTRA will be present at the 2nd edit...
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MONSTRA´s 2017 Spot
MONSTRA´s 2017 spot was direted by  Jeanne Waltz, a student from the Animation Master from Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa. The animation sho...
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Closing Ceremony
Another edition of MONSTRA concludes  today. Our 16th edition has its Closing Ceremony set for today, March 25, where you can watch the  award...
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