MONSTRA Festival


Archanim - Animation and Architecture


9 March | CINEMA SÃO JORGE | 21:30
All films will be screened in Original Version and subtitled in Portuguese and English

The Great Arc

Country: FRANCE Year: 2022 Duration: 12 mins.
With nearly 70 monumental works of art scattered throughout the district, La Défense, Paris, is Europe's largest open-air museum. Sitting between the legs of the gigantic Red Spider, I wonder how I didn't notice them before.
Direction: Camille Authouart
Writers: Camille Authouart
Animation: Eliott Moreau, Camille Borot-Bossot, Mina Convers, Axel Rousselot
Music: Bachar Mar-Khalifé
Sound: Mathieu Tiger
Distribution: Miyu Distribution

Architect A

Country: SOUTH KOREA Year: 2022 Duration: 25 mins.
Architect A is an architect who builds a house in a very special way. He builds a house that resembles the way that person has lived by collecting materials from the client's life. However, he gives up on architecture after an unexpected accident. One day, an elderly woman comes to his house and shows out a fish-shaped wind chime, which A and his wife sculpted a long time ago, requesting A to build her own house. Although hesitant, A decides to build the woman's home as he remembers his beautiful memories with his wife. During the process of reflecting on the woman's life to build her a haven, A once again confronts his own pain. Can A complete his own house, which he has been unable to finish for a long time?
Direction: Lee Jonghoon
Writers: LEE Jonghoon
Production: GIM Boseong, LEE Jeeyoon, KIM Sukyoung
Animation: PARK Inmock, KIM Jihwan, LEE Jinhee, KWAK Inhye, KIM Seoyoon, KIM Seohyeon, PARK Yeongeun, SHIN Dohyun, AHN Hyesoo, LEE Yejin, OH Jiwon, LEE Sol, JEON Jinkyu, CHO Hyeonji, JEONG Minkyu, CHOI Yebon, HEO Jeongin
Music: YOON Jeonghyeon
Sound: KIM Yoonkyung, KIM Kyuman
Distribution: KIAFA AniSEED

Eduardo, Walter and Leonidov

Country: PORTUGAL Year: 2024 Duration: 35 mins.
Eduardo, Walter, and Leonidov are three little pigs from the south, north, and east of Europe. Following the death of their mother, they embark on a journey through three different architectural universes, experiencing three distinct ways of dwelling and relating to nature. In these worlds: traditional, modernist, and contemporary, they encounter various wolves and migratory birds that will awaken fears and put their generosity to the test.
Direction: Miguel Pires de Matos
Writers: Miguel Pires de Matos
Production: Praça Filmes, Estórias em Movimento - Ana Carina Estróia, Miguel Pires de Matos
Animation: Animadores/Animators: Gabriel Mendes, Hugo Santos, Joana Batista, Luís Vital | Desenvolvimento gráfico e cenários/Graphic development and set design: Vasco Casula, David Silva
Music: Carlos Caires
Sound: Carlos Caires