MONSTRA Festival

10 Years of Ema&Gui



Atmosfera M
14 July > 15 August

Coordination and Planning: Nuno Beato, Vanessa Namora Caeiro
Artwork: Nuno Beato and Rosa Baptista
Texts: Nuno Beato, Marisa Pott, Vanessa Namora Caeiro
Graphic Design: Vanessa Namora Caeiro

Gui, Ema’s imaginary friend, lives in the world beyond the clouds. Ema is a imaginative girl who won’t let go of a strange pair of magic boots. Throughout the episodes Ema has to help her friend Gui. During these adventures, Ema discovers how wonderful the magical world Gui takes her to and is fascinated by the idea of moving there. On these travels, Gui shows Ema that her world can be as good as the world beyond the clouds after all, and the two end up becoming inseparable friends.

Started in 2010, the cutout animation series produced by Sardinha em Lata already has 52 seven-minute episodes. Aimed at preschoolers, written by Marisa Pott and directed by Nuno Beato, Ema & Gui is a graphic creation by Nuno Beato and Rosa Baptista, and features music by Ricardo Cardoso.

Ema & Gui is funded by Sardinha em Lata, StorFisk, RTP, TV3, ICA, Big Picture, FICA and supported by CMMN.

For the whole family at  Atmosfera M